Shark Tank star shows off her budget-friendly home in California that will blow your mind

Aug 25, 2023

The television show Shark Tank is known for its millionaire venture capitalists with impeccable taste.

They know how to pick everything from their snazzy outfits to the latest trends in subscription services.

Now Barbara Corcoran is showing off a new budget-friendly home in California, which blows your mind.

Multi-millionaire Barbara Corcoran takes TikTok creator on a tour of what she calls her “Taj Mahal”

The Internet was put in a state of awe last week when Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran gave a virtual tour of her very own “Taj Mahal.”

The video was posted by TikTok content creator Caleb Simpson, who is known for showing his followers insider looks at the hottest celebrity homes.

In the video, Corcoran gives Simpson a tour of her double-wide mobile home in a high-end Pacific Palisades trailer park.

The video quickly went viral and racked up over 5.5 million views.

Simpson asked his audience, “Who would have thought Barbara Corcoran would have her own trailer?”

Corcoran says she purchased the trailer five years ago after she convinced the owner to sell her on the spot.

She said that part of the deal was that the previous owner could come and use the home anytime that she would like to.

This isn’t the first home that she’s purchased in this manner.

The pricey mobile home was updated after the multi-millionaire moved in.

Corcoran prefers the trailer over her NYC penthouse because it has a beautiful ocean view

Corcoran told Simpson that while she paid approximately $800,000 for the humble home, she ended up renovating it to the tune of over $150,000.

She defended the trailer, joking that it was a “double-wide” and that she has turned it into her own personal “Taj Mahal.”

She said that the biggest reason for her purchase was that the trailer has a beautiful ocean view, and she prefers it over her East Coast penthouse.

“As beautiful as my New York City penthouse is over the park with all this space, it does not have an ocean, and there’s no arguing with the ocean,” she said.

Corcoran went on to defend the size of the home, saying that she thinks “it’s preposterous to have a big home and feel lonely in it and rattle around,” adding that “it’s living small,” but she feels like she uses “every inch of the space” and everything she needs is always right there.

She went on to explain the unique position of wanting the previous owner to use her home.

She says that she enjoys seeing “people use” her home because it makes it “warmer”

Corcoran says that part of the reason she offered the previous homeowner to come and stay whenever they’d like is that she believes having someone in the home throughout the year makes it “warmer.”

She says that she prefers to “see people use where I live.”

She explained that her work always has her on the move, and it’s good to know that while she’s away, the home is being taken care of.

“It’s a part-time home for me . . . I use it a number of weeks a year, and I would be thrilled if she wanted 12 weeks a year, honestly.”

Corcoran says that when other people use her home, she feels that people “leave a little puddle of happiness” when they leave at the end of the week.

It’s a strange perspective, but for someone with multiple homes across the country, it might just make sense.

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