Small businesses are in Joe Biden’s crosshairs again

Feb 21, 2024

The Biden Administration has been unrelenting in their fight to destroy small businesses in the US.

Even a top GOP Congressman has started to sound the alarm about Biden’s latest attack.

That’s because small businesses are in Joe Biden’s crosshairs again.

In a scathing letter, House Committee on Small Business Chair Roger Williams (R-TX) and Congressman Aaron Bean (R-FL) point out the dangers of this latest Biden move.

The letter, addressed to Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su, warns of dire consequences for small businesses if the rule change is allowed to proceed.

The proposed rule change aims to modernize regulations for registered apprenticeships, but Williams warns that it will spell disaster for small businesses.

The new requirements, including mandatory disclosures, recruitment plans, and record-keeping burdens, will cripple small businesses already struggling to find qualified workers.

Williams and Bean argue that the rule change will deter small businesses from participating in apprenticeship programs vital to bolstering the American workforce.

With a nationwide shortage of skilled workers, stifling small businesses’ ability to train qualified workers is nothing short of economic sabotage.

In a statement to FOX Business, Chair Roger Williams condemned the Biden administration’s rule change as a roadblock to addressing the labor shortage.

“We continually hear from Main Street America how challenging it is to find people capable of filling their job openings,” Williams declared.

“This rule will do nothing to solve this problem and will only add more bureaucratic red tape for small businesses to navigate.”

The Biden administration’s assault on small businesses extends far beyond the proposed rule change.

According to data from the American Action Forum, over 774 final rules costing over $450 billion have been implemented during President Biden’s tenure, burdening businesses with over 286 million paperwork hours.

This regulatory onslaught threatens to suffocate small businesses and stifle economic growth.

As the Biden administration continues its crusade against small businesses, it’s time for patriots to rally behind Main Street America.

The livelihoods of hardworking Americans hang in the balance, and only by exposing Biden’s regulatory overreach can we safeguard the future of small businesses across the nation.

As Chair Roger Williams leads the charge against Biden’s destructive policies, stay tuned for updates and developments.

The fight for small businesses is far from over, but with your support, we can defend Main Street America against Biden’s relentless onslaught.

Stand with us as we uphold the American dream and preserve the entrepreneurial spirit that built this great nation!

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