Smokeshow Paige Spiranac’s latest news about Happy Gilmore 2 had tongues wagging

Apr 1, 2024

Happy Gilmore is a classic guy’s movie.

There was great excitement in the man sphere when news came out that there was a sequel in the works.

But when rumors started to swirl about smokeshow, Paige Spiranac and Happy Gilmore 2 tongues wagged.

Adam Sandler is the king of dude movies

A great dude movie is kind of a low bar to jump over.

Any movie with hot girls, fast cars, war scenes, monkeys, or over-the-top humor is bound to be a hit.

Just think about it.

All of your top five movies more than likely included one of these five characteristics, if not multiple of them.

Look at some of the classics.

National Lampoons: Animal House is one of the biggest classic guy films ever made with dry humor, hot girls, and a college “war scene.”

And few people have more instant guy classic movies under their belt than Adam Sandler.

As Hollywood steadily declines in content, Adam Sandler has made a career off of bringing us some of the best movies from the past three decades.

Believe it or not but Adam Sandler has been in over 50 different movies.

And his spectrum of acting in these movies ranges from serious to comical.

But his masterpieces and biggest contributing movies to Hollywood have been low brow hysterical comedy films.

Odds are you like at least one Adam Sandler movie.

From Big Daddy to Billy Madison to The Waterboy, you will be hard pressed to find an actor who has more comical iconic movies associated with them.

And to many, his biggest masterpiece was Happy Gilmore which has become a big part of pop culture in America.

To this day, Happy Gilmore is still quoted and clips of the classic are still shared on social media nearly three decades after its release.

The movie has everything a guy needs – golf, Bob Barker, a hysterical fight scene, and the movie hottie in Julia Bowen.

And now guys can rejoice as it was revealed that Happy Gilmore 2 is in the works.

We can’t handle Happy Gilmore 2 with Paige Spiranac

Shooter McGavin, played by actor Christopher McDonald, spilled the beans about Happy Gilmore 2 on Friday when he told a radio talk show, “And here’s quick intel. I saw Adam (Sandler) about two weeks ago, and he says, ‘You’re gonna love this.’”

But if the return of Happy Gilmore to the movie screens isn’t enough good news for guys out there, golf smokeshow Paige Spiranac put up a tweet that had tongues swinging in honor of the golf classic.

A meme started to float around on social media about the possible upcoming cast for Happy Gilmore 2, which had Paige as the “Public Relations Lady.”

Well, Paige ran with it and shared a picture of her in the revealing costume of the iconic lingerie scene in Happy Gilmore with the caption, “I was born ready.”

If Paige Spiranac is in Happy Gilmore 2, it will be the highest grossing film in recent memory.

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