Squatters are taking over people’s homes and people are furious

Nov 9, 2023

The right to own property is integral to the fabric of America and inspired America’s founders when they drafted America’s founding documents and laws.

Every man’s home is his castle, which is a key tenet of all common law, but Leftists tend to think your property is everyone’s property.

And since COVID squatters are taking over homes and Americans are furious.

So-called squatter’s rights are a spit in the face of everything America stands for

In many Democrat-controlled parts of America, a movement has arisen promoting so-called “squatters rights.”

Many on the far Left believe that if an individual resides in somebodies for long enough, then they are entitled to own or stay at the property.

Such childish notions conjure memories of the old finders’ keepers’ rules from when you were young, except now these rules apply to expensive properties at the homeowner’s expense.

Sascha Jovanovic, a property owner in Los Angeles, California, learned this the hard way after his hellish ordeal with a tenant turned squatter who lived in his property for well over a year.

According to Jovanovic, he rented out the guest house of his expansive Brentwood home to a woman named Elizabeth Hirschhorn via Airbnb.

After the rental period ended, the two made an agreement, permitting her to stay at the guest house at a rate of $100 a night with fees, which quickly added up to $20,783 over just 180 days.

The relationship between these two quickly soured after Jovanovic claimed that Hirshorn was not respecting the property, causing widespread damage throughout.

Per Jovanovic, “There was [a] smell, it was dirty. And, yeah, it was kind of something that my first reaction was [that] everything has to go or be given to charity.”

After a 570-day standoff, Hirshorn was removed from the property by law enforcement officers.

However, this story does not end here. Hirshorn is now allegedly threatening lawsuits against Jovanovic, claiming that she deserves $100,000 in relocation fees, among other things.

Jovanovic’s attorney, Sebastian Rucci, spoke to Fox News Digital about the case, saying, “I don’t believe she will return legally. She cannot. She has to go to court, and that would be eventful. ‘Judge, please let me back into that nice place, I have not paid rent for 570 days, but he owes me for having an unpermitted show, etc.’

He added, “The statement that she could return from her lawyer is a sign of the venom that the cottage industry of harassers uses to terrorize landlords.”

Sascha Jovanovic’s story emphasizes the risk that homeowners and landlords take on a daily basis

As evidenced by Sascha Jovanovic’s encounter, renting property in Democrat controlled parts of America often poses for risks than rewards.

The rental market has been ruined at the hands of radical Democrats, who routinely side with tenants over landlords, even in cases where the tenants allegedly destroy the place or refuse to leave the property.

The entire concept of private property is under attack in America, which could have very long-term ramifications for the economy.

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