Stephen A Smith might want to rethink some of his life decisions, as his feud with Pat McAfee

Mar 14, 2024

If there is one NFL punter you don’t want to get into an altercation with, it is Pat McAfee.

Not only does he have a sharp wit, but he is also physically impressive, and ESPN’s Stephen A Smith is learning that lesson the hard way.

In this recent exchange with Pat McAfee, Stephen A Smith might be rethinking some of his life decisions.

There are just some guys you don’t piss off

There are a couple of lessons every dad should teach their son.

For one, never back down, and make sure you stand your ground.

But the second lesson all sons should learn is that you ignore the first rule if the guy who you have to mess with is more than twice your size.

There are just some men you don’t mess around with.

For instance, if Mike Tyson starts to drop a spit and lisp-filled tirade against you, you just let him do his thing because he could kill you.

And others might name men in sports that you probably wouldn’t want to cross are Aaron Donald and big man Trent Williams.

But some even consider Pat McAfee on that list of guys you wouldn’t want to mess with.

You wouldn’t usually put a retired punter on a list of the guys that could end you.

But Pat McAfee isn’t your average punter.

First off, the man is jacked for his age.

You can definitely tell he hasn’t missed an arm day in the gym.

But he is also crazy, which is why so many people love him on ESPN.

You never know what McAfee is going to do.

Just watch his show, and you will see just how crazy he is as you never know his next most or what he might blurt out on live television.

Needless to say, he keeps the ESPN executive team up at night.

But if there ever was a little man at ESPN who feels his oats and doesn’t know when to back away from the big men, it’s Stephen A Smith.

Say a pray for Lil Stephen A

Stephen A Smith has made a reputation and a career off of being a loudmouth with some of the worst takes in sports.

But, to his credit, he knows how to use the system and climb up the corporate ladder.

And Stephen A has a big project coming up at ESPN but not everyone is thrilled about it.

Reports have come out that Pat McAfee isn’t too excited about Stephen A’s new project, and the two had a call about McAfee’s grievances.

And during the call, things got heated, with McAfee losing it, and he ended up calling Stephen A Smith a “motherf*cker.”

Things got so heated that reports were coming out that Stephen A banned Pat McAfee from his show First Take?.

McAfee was asked about his ban from First Take?, and he texted a reporter back, claiming, “I think I’m still welcome on First Take?? I was scheduled through football season to join on Tuesdays. Hopefully, next year that’ll happen as well.”

Time will tell if this feud boils over, but we all know that Stephen A Smith doesn’t want to cross Pat McAfee in the halls of ESPN’s studios.

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