Subway released a new menu item that let Taco Bell know it was ready for war

Jun 24, 2024

Subway is refreshing its menu to keep pace with the competition.

Now the chain is expanding beyond submarine-style sandwiches with its latest offering. 

And Subway released a new menu item that let Taco Bell know it was ready for war. 

Subway introduces a new line of Footlong Dippers 

Subway stuck with the same formula of sandwiches and chips for decades on its way to becoming the world’s largest restaurant chain with more locations than McDonald’s.

But the chain has struggled in recent years with the rise of competitors like Jersey Mike’s and Jimmy John’s.

Subway began to refresh its menu beginning in 2021 to get the chain back on track.

The menu is expanding beyond sandwiches to attract customers who are looking for a snack or a lighter lunch.

Subway unveiled its Footlong Dippers that feature meat and cheese rolled up into the Lavash-style flatbread the chain uses for its wraps.

Lavash is a Middle Eastern bread that’s similar to a tortilla with a soft, bubbly texture.

The Footlong Dippers come in three tasty varieties – Pepperoni & Cheese, Chicken & Cheese, and Double Cheese.

Each Dipper comes with one of Subway’s 11 signature sauces like creamy sriracha, peppercorn ranch, or sweet onion teriyaki.

Subway’s new item looks suspiciously similar to a current value-priced favorite at Taco Bell, the Cheesy Roll Up.

The Cheesy Roll Up is a three-cheese blend rolled in a soft taco tortilla that’s toasted.

At $1 at most locations, it’s one of the last items in fast food that still goes for a buck.

The Footlong Dippers are joining the Subway Sidekicks menu, which debuted in January to give customers more snacking options.

The Sidekicks menu has a footlong chocolate chip cookie, a Cinnabon Footlong Churro, and an Auntie Anne’s Footlong Pretzel.

Subway president talks about Dippers and value in fast food 

The Footlong Dippers are priced at $3 a piece, making it one of the best values on Subway’s menu.

Subway North America President Doug Fry told Good Morning America that the Footlong Dippers that customers are looking for value more than ever.

“We are starting to see restaurants come up with menu items that are focused on adding greater value,” Fry said. “The challenge that comes with greater value is there’s a sacrifice for consumers – quality.”

Fry noted that with 11 dipping sauces that customers could create 33 different combinations with the Footlong Dipper.

“We don’t think our guests need to sacrifice quality for price,” Fry continued. “So we’re bringing in $3 Footlong Dippers.”

The Subway President explained how the chain was trying to provide value to its customers. 

“What we try to do is offer something for everyone’s appetite and everyone’s budget,” Fry stated. “We work closely with our franchisees who set their prices. We work with data analytics to make sure we are meeting the needs of our guests, offering value on every part of our menu, without sacrificing quality.”

Subway is giving inflation-weary customers more choices at a lower price with the new Footlong Dippers.

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