Sydney Sweeney just clapped back at her critics using her best assets

Apr 30, 2024

We all have some God-given talent or attribute that is a major contributor to whatever success we have in this life and the critics will often attack you for using it to your advantage.

And as any fan of Sydney Sweeney knows, she has a couple of big assets that set her above the rest. 

Sydney Sweeney clapped back against her critics in one picture that used her best assets to drive home her point. 

The hardest working aren’t always the most successful people

Everyone knows that in the United States if you work hard and put in the time you will become successful.

At least hard work used to be the standard in our nation. 

But we all know that some people are blessed with attributes more than others that make them excel in life. 

In sports, you have six foot nothing basketball players playing forward and possibly center who work harder than anyone else on the court. 

But at the end of the day the seven-footer has a better chance of exceling and making it to the professional leagues because he was blessed with exceptional height. 

The same goes for Hollywood. 

You might be the hardest and most dedicated actor in town but if you don’t have the look, you probably won’t make it in Tinseltown. 

Well, this issue of talent and dedication versus other qualities to excel in Hollywood have been front and center for the Hollywood elites lately over arguments breaking out about Sydney Sweeney. 

Sydney Sweeney knows how to use her assets

If you don’t know, Sydney Sweeney is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood right now.

Viewers just can’t get enough of her.

She is relatively new to the Hollywood limelight but has a list of highly recognized shows and movies under her belt like The Handmaid’s Tale, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Anyone but You.

But as her stardom rises, members of the Hollywood establishment class can’t stand that she came out of nowhere while many of them have dedicated their life’s work to get on the same level as her.

Last week movie producer Carol Baum made headlines after she claimed that, “She’s not pretty, she can’t act. I don’t get Sydney Sweeney.”

Baum went on to add that she asked her USC college class, which she is an adjunct professor for, “I said to my class, ‘Explain this girl to me. She’s not pretty, she can’t act. Why is she so hot?”

It sounds like someone is jealous of Sweeney. 

We know why Sydney Sweeney is successful in Hollywood. 

And thankfully for all the guys out there, so does Sydney Sweeney. 

Earlier this week Sweeney clapped back on her Instagram page at the allegations with a shirt that read, “sorry for having great t*ts and correct opinions.”

We all know that Sweeney isn’t the best actress and she may not even be the best looking to many out there. 

But she is making the most out of her assets she was blessed with which you have to respect. 

At least she knows what it takes to go from rags to riches in Hollywood. 

She may be gone from the big screen in a few years when people get tired of her but at least we can all admire Sweeney’s talents now. 

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