Taylor Swift is fuming after a new NFL girlfriend steps up and becomes an instant fan favorite

Jan 9, 2024

NFL fans have suffered, with Taylor Swift getting tons of coverage as the top girlfriend in the NFL while ESPN ignores the players and the game.

The good news is Taylor Swift is now yesterday’s news; the bad news is there is a new number one NFL girlfriend for the media to fawn over.

Now Taylor Swift is fuming because she is being replaced as the top NFL girlfriend, and she is not the fans’ favorite.

Screw the game, left worry about the girlfriends

Remember when football used to be about the action and gameplay of players on the field?

Yeah, those were the good old days.

Now, thanks to 24-hour sports news coverage, we have to suffer through all the teenage girl drama in the National Football League.

Instead of focusing on a quarterback’s gameplay, now we have to power through watching two pinheads ramble on about the quarterback’s political views.

And one of the most outrageous examples of football coverage being turned into a soap opera is the fascination with players’ side pieces.

Case in point, look at the media’s obsession with Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce.

Literally, no straight man ever woke up this NFL season and asked himself, ‘I wonder who Travis Kelce is dating?’

And if they do, then they might not be as straight as you think they are.

But here we are going into the playoffs, and instead of sports media worrying about Travis Kelce’s subpar gameplay this year, they are just fixated on Taylor Swift.

And the obsession is killing both the National Football League and the fanbase.

Well, have no fear, fellas, because the NFL has a new girlfriend to be fixated upon.

Jake Browning for the win

Probably five people outside of the Bengals’ fan base have heard of Jake Browning.

Jake Browning has been the fill-in quarterback for the Bengals for the past handful of games, with Joe Burrow suffering a season-ending injury earlier this season.

And Jake’s play on the field has been pretty good so far this year.

He has posted twelve touchdowns with seven interceptions and a passer rating of 98.4.

But no matter what stat line Jake might excel at, the real one who is getting all the fame and fortune from his time on the field is his girlfriend.

And this past Sunday, the Bengals had a good game against the Browns’ second team.

In all, the Bengals racked up a 31-14 win over the Browns, with Jake Browning throwing for three touchdowns to end the season on a high note.

But the real high note for the Bengals was Jake Browning’s girlfriend in the stands.

Social media started to erupt when the camera caught a glimpse of Jake’s girl, Stephanie Niles.

Just see what all the social media buzz was all about.

Needless to say, Stephanie is definitely a new fan favorite, and especially when you have to compare her to Taylor Swift.

Jake Browning’s future looks bright in many ways, so hopefully, NFL fans can be blessed by the presence of his girlfriend in the stands next season.

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