Thanks to this NFL star quarterback, more players are coming out of the closet– for Christ

Feb 1, 2024

The libs would like nothing more than America to be divided, but one thing brings many of us together, and that’s sports, but the woke left has been attacking that too.

But some prominent figures are standing up for the most important things in life and giving people some faith in the NFL.

And now, thanks to this NFL star quarterback, more players are coming out of the closet– for Christ.

CJ Stroud’s strength is inspiring others

In just a few short seasons, CJ Stroud has grown into one of the elite signal-callers in the National Football League.

This season, he led his Houston Texans to the playoff victory over the Cleveland Browns, making it to the second round of the NFL’s postseason before falling short.

And unlike many others, Stroud has made no secret he knows he owes his talent and success to God.

That doesn’t sit well with the elites running most sports leagues and almost all of Big Media.

NBC even edited out Stroud’s praise of the Lord in a social media post following the Texan’s win over the Browns in this season’s wild-card round.

However, NBC isn’t stopping Stroud from spreading the word – and encouraging other players to show their faith.

Tucker Kraft hopes to bring fans closer with God

Packers tight end Tucker Kraft is now running a go-route for God.

He knows he doesn’t have the star power of Stroud but is hoping he can still bring more people to Christ.

“I’m not saying I’m on the same level as CJ; however, if a youngster flips on the TV and watches me and decides that maybe someday, they want to be just like me, I hope that their dream also brings them closer to our Lord and Savior,” Kraft tweeted.

“We have imperfections. But we must keep the faith.”

Kraft’s Twitter post was met warmly by fans – with some thanking him for providing a positive role model for their children.

According to Stroud, many other players from across the league have reached out and let him know they stand with him on the Lord’s team.

The Spirit is contagious

Kraft isn’t the only one who makes their living in professional athletics, now showing the bravery to praise God in the face of powerful haters and a cancel culture mob that could end their careers.

It was the Baltimore Ravens who knocked Stroud’s Texans out of the playoffs this season.

Following his team’s victory, Raven’s head coach, John Harbaugh, shocked the sporting world by doing something simple that once was commonplace in the world of sports – giving grace to God.

As you can see in the above video, coach Harbaugh kicked off the press conference quoting scripture, specifically, 1 Chronicles 29:11.

Over in the National Basketball Association, Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac launched his anti-woke sports apparel brand, Unitus.

And in his first signature sneaker, the Judah 1, Isaac put the man upstairs above all else.

As you can see above, the shoe is engraved with a visible Bible verse.

“Most people see the ‘Judah 1’ as an outlandish endeavor, shoot, when we first started, so did I,” Isacc tweeted. “I was afraid that delivering a sneaker that represented our values without compromising style or performance was too tall a task. But here we are!”

With time, perhaps even more athletes and celebrities will come out of the closet as believers and praises of the Lord our God.

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