The Bills Mafia saves their best stunt to end the season (and it ends in a ball of fire)

Jan 25, 2024

It wouldn’t be a season in the NFL without the Bills Mafia assaulting a plastic table.

And it looks like the crazy fans in Buffalo saved their best stunt for last.

The Bills Mafia saved their best stunt for the end of the season, and it ended in a ball of fire.

The NFL season is almost over

We are quickly approaching the worst part of the year for men: the football off-season.

Nothing is worse than knowing that in a few weeks, you will have absolutely nothing to look forward to in life.

Once the National Football League is over, you are just stuck inside with your family with nothing to do as it’s frigid outside.

Now, some might go straight into college basketball, but we all know it’s not the same as football.

But at least we will have much to reflect on and admire about this season.

Teams that usually stink, like the Texans, Browns, and the Lions, actually had great and noteworthy years.

Of course, the powerhouse teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers are going deep into the playoffs.

And it wouldn’t be an NFL season without the Dallas Cowboys having such high expectations only to fail miserably in the playoffs.

Well, there is another time-honored tradition besides the Cowboy’s demise that brings joy to so many NFL fans’ hearts.

It wouldn’t be an NFL season without Bills Mafia demolishing some plastic tables.

For reasons no one can comprehend, fans in Buffalo have a serious vendetta against plastic tables.

Each year, they find new and creative ways to destroy these harmless tailgating tables.

Sometimes, it’s just stupid fun with no one getting hurt.

But other times, people end up getting seriously injured as the plastic table wins at the end of the day.

Almost had a sacrifice in Buffalo

Well, this season, the Bills Mafia ended their war on tables on a high note as someone almost got burnt alive.

While this past weekend didn’t end well for the Bills in another late playoff loss to the Chiefs, the fans sure did have some fun before the game.

For some odd reason, there was a Lions fan amongst the Bills Mafia.

And as you would imagine, it didn’t end well for the Detroit fan.

The man was hoisted up onto the back of a pickup truck as he looked gleefully at a harmless plastic table beneath him.

That should have been his first sign that it’s time to abort and get out of Buffalo.

But in a scene that looked something like an ancient sacrifice, the Lions fan just smiled as he saw Bills fans light the table with gasoline and a match.

And in a time-honored tradition, the Lions fan was thrown off the truck and onto the burning table.

The man stumbled up, looking around like the worst part was over.

But then he and the crowd realized that he was a walking burnt marshmallow as he started to frantically swat the fire that was engulfing his pants and back.

Finally, Bills Mafia were able to get him on the ground and tried to put out the fire by humping the poor Lions fan.

I bet that is the last time that Detroit Lions fan ends up in Buffalo.

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