The Church of Scientology just got hit with a major lawsuit that may expose all of its secrets

Jan 9, 2024

Few organizations and the Church of Scientology have kept its operation under wraps.

While some people claim the organization has helped them improve their lives, many have shared stories of financial manipulation.

Now, the dark Scientology secrets may finally be revealed because of this bombshell lawsuit.

What is the Church of Scientology?

One thing about Americans is that they love their secret organizations.

Heck, our nation was partially formed on the backs of secret organizations in towns across the colonies that developed the strategy and communications needed to overthrow the English Crown.

You have the Freemasons, which may be a large organization, but most Americans know very little about the secretive organization.

Many Americans who pay attention to politics have heard about the Skull and Bones Society, with both 2004 Presidential candidates George Bush and John Kerry being admitted members of the secretive society.

But one of the most secretive groups in America that few know anything about is the Church of Scientology.

You would assume a religious organization would want outsiders to know its teachings and practices so they can spread their beliefs to others.

And with big names in Scientology like Tom Cruise and even Greta Van Susteren, you would assume some teachings of the church would see the light of day.

But that’s not how the Church of Scientology works.

The best we can get as to the true beliefs of the Church of Scientology has come from South Park.

Just take a look for yourself.

But then news is breaking that we may finally learn what Scientology is really like, and the answer is frightening.

A religion built as a “criminal enterprise”

According to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles, the Church of Scientology is a “criminal enterprise.”

It was a big story in Hollywood last year when one of Scientology’s biggest names Danny Masterson, was convicted of two counts of rape and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

And during the trial, the women raped by Masterson claim that members of the Church of Scientology did everything they could to keep from reporting the rapes to the police.

According to the lawsuit filed by some victims of crimes committed in the church.

The Church of Scientology “forbids [its] members from contacting governmental authorities to report a crime committed by any member. In fact, Defendants instruct their members and agents that reporting such instances to the authorities is a “high crime” and will subject the member to punishment.”

The filing even makes more damning claims and claims that Scientology “instructs their agents and Scientologists that the only answer to a crime being committed by a member of Scientology, including rape or other sexual abuse, is found in the practices directed by Defendants, not governmental authorities or the judicial system. Victims (and all others) are expressly prohibited from contacting governmental authorities. If Scientology’s criminal enterprise members become aware of any crimes, including any sex crimes, that have been committed by Scientologists, those officials cover up and conceal the incident instead of reporting the crimes to the authorities.”

If this lawsuit holds up, it will only be a matter of time before Scientology is a thing of the past.

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