The creator of Yellowstone just got some great news and fans are celebrating

Jan 19, 2024

Taylor Sheridan created the widely popular show Yellowstone.

His shows have hit the top of the ratings by speaking to and being relatable for working-class Americans – not just the metropolitan elites.

Now, Sheridan is celebrating an incredible event that most people could not believe would ever happen.

Taylor Sheridan has more than one hit show

Yellowstone partially hit the “phenomenon” level, focusing on a hard-working, middle-American family.

Some dubbed it “red state Game of Thrones.”

But it’s not Sheridan’s only hit.

He used a similar formula – focusing on a rust-belt prison town –to score a streaming hit with Paramount Plus’ Mayor of Kingstown.

After two strong seasons, a horrific snowplow accident occurred when the show’s star, Jeremy Renner of Avenger fame, heroically saved his nephew from being run over.

Renner sustained 33 broken bones in the New Year’s Day 2023 tragedy at his Reno, Nevada, area home.

And because of that, a third season of the Mayor of Kingstown was in serious doubt.

But Renner stayed strong and powered his way to a miraculous recovery.

And now his fans have something to celebrate.

Jeremy Renner’s heroic return to the set

Just a little more than one year after the horrific accident, Renner is back in Pittsburgh as production for Mayor of Kingstown; season three is now underway.

Last week, Renner posted a picture to Instagram of his return to the set.

“Day one on set … nervous today,” Renner posted.

“Hope this works out that I can ACTUALLY pull this off for our production and more importantly the fans.”

Fans of the show and the 52-year-old actor rejoiced in the comment section of the Instagram post.

They’re not only excited that the show is en route for a future triumphant return – but also that Renner has persevered and recovered from the tragedy.

Renner rubs the Left the wrong way

Renner – who is far from a conservative – has previously suffered the wrath of the cancel culture crowd.

He offended the Left when he jokingly called the fictional Avengers character, Black Widow, a “sl*t.”

The character has had relationships with several superheroes in the Marvel comic books and movies.

Unlike others, including many conservatives, Renner didn’t apologize for his comments, insisting it was a joke.

As you can see in the above music video –yes, Renner is a musician as well as an actor — Renner is also a family man.

That doesn’t sit well with the most radical elements of the Left, whose aim is to bring about the end of the nuclear family.

It also speaks volumes about Renner moving his family to Washoe County, Nevada.

But none of the attacks matter to his fans.

Now, they’re just happy that the show they love will eventually return for a third season – and that Renner has returned to health.

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