The heir to the Soros’ fortune has just started dating someone that might make him even more dangerous

Feb 23, 2024

George Soros has been funding causes that are actively destroying America.

But while George Soros left his mark, especially in electing soft-on crime District Attorneys, he recently turned over his multi-billion operation to his son.

And now George Soros’ son has started dating a woman that might make their operations even more dangerous.

Corporate Elites hate the American Dream

Corporate America used to be led by patriots who wanted to do everything they could to bolster the middle class and propel America into prosperity.

As a result, America boomed into an economic powerhouse that put it on the map for the rest of the world as the number one superpower.

But today, corporate America wants to destroy the American way of life.

The rich corporatists in our nation would rather make you subjects of the government and their beliefs than to be financially independent and free.

Just think about how many national stores around your town have some form of messaging for diversity, equity, and inclusion bombarding their customers.

They would rather ram their politically woke beliefs down our throats instead of trying to make money selling their products.

And most Americans know the names of the people pushing the politicization of our nation’s corporate ruling class.

People like Bill Gates are funding their push to radicalize America through secretive nonprofits.

But one of the most recognizable names in political corporate America is George Soros, and for good reason.

No other elite spends more money trying to brainwash voters than George Soros.

Just in 2021, Soros’ controlled nonprofits spent 140 million dollars to influence elections across the nation.

George Soros has 6.7 billion dollars in his name but has donated 32 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundation, which has a stated purpose of improving “profound racial, economic, and political inequalities, while funding efforts to prepare for the policy challenges of the future.”

Well, George Soros isn’t buying green bananas anymore as he is 93 years old.

So, George Soros is in the process of passing his family fortune and business to his son, Alex Soros.

Could it really get worse than George Soros?

And right when you thought Soros couldn’t get any more radical than the patriarch George Soros, News has broken that Alex Soros is dating Hillary Clinton’s number personal assistant, Huma Abedin.

Huma Abedin is best known by many as the former wife of disgraced politician Anthony Weiner.

Well, now Huma has moved on to George Soros’ son, Alex.

And Alex Soros posted a picture of the two on social media for Valentine’s Day in Paris.

The picture created quite a stir among Democrats.

The Soros family has always been one of the biggest financial contributors to the Clinton family and their political ambitions.

But this duo is even too close for comfort for some Democrats.

As one former Clinton aide said for PageSix, “It’s a classic Clinton world couple. Alex is the perfect match for Huma. He’s insanely wealthy and powerful — everything that Huma cares about.”

What could possibly go wrong with Clinton’s top aide has access to billions of dollars?

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