The Jesus Revolution’s Greg Laurie just joined the battle to make children’s entertainment great again

Jan 30, 2024

If you have kids or grandkids, you are starving for quality programming for the kids.

Every time something new comes out, it is either woke, perverted, or both.

Now, Pastor Greg Laurie from the Jesus Revolution is joining the fight against evil in the children’s entertainment industry with this new show.

Jesus Revolution hit it big and was published on multiple mainstream platforms

The entertainment industry has been pushing God-less ideologies on the American public and the world.

But in recent years, some major names in evangelism have been pushing back on this evil trend.

One of the biggest success stories was the film Jesus Revolution, that debuted in 2023.

The movie was so popular that even Netflix and Amazon were forced to pick it up.

The man behind the film was pastor Greg Laurie with Harvest Christian Fellowship.

“When you have a film on Netflix, you’re…on Delta Airlines as ‘Jesus Revolution’ has been playing or on other platforms like Apple and Amazon, you reach people that would not necessarily go to church,” he said in triumph.

“Jesus did not say the whole world should go to church, but He did say that the church should go to the whole world,” he said.

That’s exactly what his new outreach program is seeking to achieve.

Now, they’re looking to change the hearts of children with their latest project.

Ben Born Again introduces himself in a clip posted by Laurie on social media

Harvest is gearing up to release a new cartoon that Laurie says will be both entertaining and inform children about Christianity and the Bible.

Ben Born Again and Yellow Dog premiere on the Harvest+ app on February 1st.

Laurie announced in a post on the X platform.

“I’m excited to announce that my cartoon character, Ben Born Again, and his buddy, Yellow Dog, are now animated, and our first cartoon is coming out very soon!” he wrote, sharing a clip from the first episode.

In the clip, Ben Born Again introduces himself and his buddy while hinting that the origin of his name can be found in “John Chapter 3.”

Christians will immediately understand that the “play on words” Ben is alluding to is that he was born again as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Laurie promises that his series will be “evangelistic” and teach kids about the salvation of Jesus in an entertaining way.

The project is part of an effort to push back on the hedonistic cultural values being pushed on children.

But it also fulfills another lifelong dream for Laurie.

The cartoon came from a comic strip developed in Laurie’s childhood

Laurie says that he has been interested in becoming a cartoonist since he was a child.

The interest came after taking a high school art class in which he learned to pair his love for Christ with the art of illustrating.

The pastor first developed his comic strip called Living Water.

The character from Living Water didn’t have a name, but after years of “sitting in [his] closet,” he realized that the “little guy” he had been drawing would become Ben Born Again.

“I just opened this portfolio up that’s been sitting in my closet forever, and it contained a bunch of my old artwork,” Laurie said, reflecting on the story.

The pastor says it “took a lot longer” to develop than he anticipated, but now he has a show that he believes will appeal to all ages and help teach adults and children about the promise of Jesus.

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