The media is covering up the biggest threat to the safety of visitors to the White House

Feb 28, 2024

The Secret Service doesn’t just take security seriously, they take it to the highest level possible. 

But the Biden White House has a unique security problem that has them stumped. 

It turns out that Joe Biden is the person who has brought in the biggest security threat to the staff and visitors to the White House.

Like owner like dog

Dogs have been man’s companions for thousands of years. 

From the nomad days of man to the current world, dogs have always been by our side in more ways than one.

And dogs don’t just help us with tasks or just to get through the day emotionally. 

Dogs also mirror their owners.

Everyone knows that you can usually tell what the owner of a dog looks like by looking at the dog. 

In general, the dog reflects the looks of the owner. 

But maybe we need to start looking into the intellectual habits of owners and their dogs. 

There may be a direct connection between the abilities and habits of a dog’s owner and how a dog reacts. 

Case and point, just look at Biden’s dog Commander. 

Everyone who is willing to be honest about the situation is willing to admit that Biden’s cognitive abilities are sharply declining right in front of the nation. 

The man wanders around a crowd or on a stage like he is completely lost. 

But there is one other habit of Biden’s that anyone with an older relative with declining cognitive ability will realize. 

Biden is very aggressive when he gets hit with reality. 

Whenever Joe Biden gets a question he doesn’t like from the public or the press he completely snaps against them. 

Just look at how he reacted earlier this month when he took direct questions from the media about the Department of Justice memo that basically said he doesn’t have the mental ability to stand trial. 

He went ballistic on those reporters. 

Well, come to find out, that violent instinct doesn’t fall too far from the tree. 

24 bites later and he’s gone

According to reports, Biden’s dog Commander has continuously lashed out at White House staff to the point where he has bitten Secret Service over and over again. 

In reports directly from the United States Secret Service, Commander bit secret service agents at least 24 times. 

And these weren’t just little nibbles. 

These were incidences that required reporting for human resource purposes and even medical attention. 

Things were so bad that the actions of the German Shepherd prompted an unnamed supervisor in the Secret Service to warn agents about the dog in an email by stating, “[t]he recent dog bites have challenged us to adjust our operational tactics when Commander is present – please give lots of room.”

In the end, the Bidens were forced to move the dog to their citizens’ residence as the attacks were just getting worse. 

So, it looks like Joe wasn’t the only Biden in the White House lashing out at others. 

Maybe this is what happens when a dog has access to cocaine in the White House.

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