The woke left-wing outrage mob is furious after this airline pledged to institute this bizarre policy

Feb 12, 2024

Unless you’re flying first class, most commercial airlines make flying an absolute nightmare.

Cramped seating, seemingly random cancellations, and strict guidelines have turned flying into a giant pain.

But the woke left-wing outrage mob is furious after this airline pledged to institute this bizarre policy.

This Finnish airline has experimented with a policy that would cause riots in America

Imagine you’re coming home from a long business trip, you finally make it through TSA, and when you arrive at the gate, an attendant asks you to stand on a scale.

Many Finnish travelers have experienced this reality after Finnair implemented a new policy requiring gate attendants to weigh passengers.

According to the airline, this measure helps Finnair more accurately predict the plane’s total weight and better account for weight distribution.

If this sounds familiar, Korean Air announced a similar policy last year, causing backlash across the globe.

Satu Munnukka, head of ground processes at Finnair, issued a statement saying, “Only the customer service agent working at the measuring point can see the total weight so that you can participate in the study with peace of mind.”

However, not everyone seems so positive regarding this new policy.

The Daily Mail interviewed travelers, asking them about their opinions on the matter, and many voiced complete outrage.

One person said, “Finnair are to start weighing their passengers? Have I read that correctly? I am utterly shocked! And disgusted”

Another said, “Finnair’s weigh-in rules are not about passenger safety. No airplane has ever crashed because of overweight passengers. This is draconian law and nanny state.”

So far, no airlines in the United States have made any announcements regarding the implementation of weigh-in policies, fearing retribution from the woke left-wing outrage mob.

In recent years, Democrats have invented the term “fatphobia,” which condemns anybody who dares to “discriminate” somebody based on their weight.

As a result, many airlines in America are rethinking their policies regarding obese customers, with some going as far as possibly giving these obese customers free seats instead of charging them for a second one.

Many predict that a weigh-in program in America would result in outrage across the board.

Some Americans worry about their private information falling into the wrong hands despite most identifications containing personal information such as their weight.

The Left’s defense of obese people shows how ridiculous they are

At the end of the day, most Americans will agree that you should treat people with respect regardless of weight.

However, pretending that obesity is nothing more than a life choice is not only wrong but dangerous.

In nations like Korea and Finland, people tend to eat much healthier and do not view obesity as an identity.

As a result, their health systems run more efficiently, and people tend to live much longer.

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