The woke NFL just fined this star quarterback for one touchdown celebration, and fans aren’t happy

Oct 5, 2023

The NFL has become just one more woke corporation worried more about promoting the leftist agenda than good games.

Now, their woke politics is hurting both the players and the fans.

That’s because the woke NFL just fined this star quarterback for one touchdown celebration, and fans aren’t happy.

The NFL is seemingly working overtime to penalize players for anything that goes against the leftist agenda.

The No Fun League

Those actions, combined with their crackdowns on celebrations after big plays, have earned the NFL the moniker of the “No Fun League.”

Now, the NFL has handed down fines to two Cleveland Browns members of the Cleveland Browns, including star quarterback Deshaun Watson, for a post-touchdown celebration that included making hand gestures pretending to fire guns.

League executives determined that during the celebration of the third-quarter touchdown, Watson and tight end David Njoku committed a “violent gesture.”

And just what was the “violent gesture” that the NFL found so dangerous?

It was simply that they pretended to shoot guns toward each other for one second during what appeared to be their own signature celebratory handshake.

The two Browns players were fined $13,659 for playing make-believe.

As if the 26-22 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers wasn’t bad enough, the NFL piled on with the ridiculous fines.

And even more salt was rubbed in Watson’s wounds after he received another two fines for “unnecessary roughness.”

This increased his total fines to $35,513 by the end of the game.

Concerned more with hand gestures than actual crimes

Of course, Watson has had a troubled NFL career and only returned this season after an 11-game suspension due to sexual assault and sexual misconduct allegations.

According to the Daily Mail, Watson’s suspension included a fine of $5 million.

So these latest fines of some $35,000 are just a drop in the bucket.

But it’s not the amount of the fines that are the issue, but rather the reason for these fines.

Making pretend hand gestures is a far cry from actual violence or actual, alleged crimes that have plagued Watson’s career.

Though a grand jury declined to charge Watson for his alleged crimes, the extent of the charges against him was massive.

22 women so far have come forward to allege sexual misconduct and assault against Watson.

The NFL, seemingly in response to Watson’s situation, was forced to change its policy to amend its official definition of sexual assault.

Under the new policy, players are given a base-level suspension that can be expanded based on the situation and any further acts by the player involved.

Under the new NFL sexual assault policy, a first violation of a sexual assault “involving physical force or committed against someone incapable of giving consent or involving threats or coercion” will carry a six-game suspension without pay.

The suspension can be coupled with “possible upward or downward adjustments based on any aggravating or mitigating factors,” according to the NFL.

For a second offense, the punishment becomes a lifetime ban from the league.

The NFL would be far better served focusing on these types of policy changes rather than issuing fines for make-believe hand gestures.

They might even win some fans back.

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