The YMCA just traumatized another young girl in the name of inclusivity

Apr 3, 2024

The 70s disco band, The Village People, made the YMCA a fun place to be with their song “YMCA”, but Y policies have taken that away from young women.

It appears the YMCA is now fully in bed with woke radicals and their backwards brand of so-called “social justice.”

Young women are now being traumatized in the locker room because of this disgusting move by YMCA staff.

It’s no longer fun for women to stay at the YMCA

As the name suggests, the Young Men’s Christian Association was a Christian organization launched during the industrial revolution to give young men a sense of community during massive societal change.

Along with the Village People song, over the years, the Y has become best known for offering low-priced or sometimes free athletic facilities.

A long time ago, they moved away from being just for men.

And now it appears they’re far from Christian – instead siding with woke zealots who insist on so-called “inclusion.”

In the name of “inclusion”, it is now allowing men who claim to believe they’re women to use the ladies’ restrooms and worse yet, changing rooms.

In 2022, the YMCA revoked the membership of one woman who questioned why a man was in the ladies’ locker room, supposedly “helping” young girls.

More recently, a teenage girl in southern California was showering in the girls’ changing room when a man entered and began to change.

The female teenager went to the front desk and told the employee there that she was frightened by the man in what is supposed to be her safe space.

That Y location did nothing about it.

And the YMCA organization is standing by and even doubling down on the decision.

You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal, you can do whatever you feel

Comedian Steven Crowder’s Mug Club undercover investigation unearthed a leaked memo from YMCA leadership to staff.

The memo recounts the story of the frightened teenage girl and says Y staff did the right thing in taking no action.

It goes on to state that it’s the Y’s policy to be inclusive.

“The YMCA is a place that stands for inclusivity,” the memo reads. “That means we want to use inclusive language, and not have any vocal political, or emotional feelings while working at the Y. Inclusivity provides an open mind, helps prevent discrimination to anyone who might be different in any way, and is a safe space for all.”

Apparently, a safe space for anyone except frightened teenage girls.

As for not having any “political feelings,” having a policy that allows men into the ladies’ room is taking a political stand – and an unsafe and unscientific one at that.

Chaya Raichik helped spread the Mug Club investigative discovery and summed up the situation perfectly.

“In the name of ‘inclusivity,’ YMCA would rather cater to gender-confused men than protect women’s spaces and keep young girls safe,” Raichik tweeted.

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