These gun-grabbing Democrats just made an outrageous demand of this major sporting goods store

Feb 27, 2024

Anti-gun zealots will stop at nothing to keep Americans from exercising their Second Amendment rights. 

But the courts keep slapping down their unconstitutional laws. 

So now these gun-grabbing Democrats have a new target, and they are focusing their attacks on this major sporting goods chain. 

Democrats love themselves some gun control

The Democrats just can’t help themselves when it comes to their hatred of the Second Amendment. 

They are willing to do anything they can to restrict your right to keep and bear arms, even if it means trampling on the Constitution even when they keep getting slapped down by the court. 

Democrats continuously test the boundaries of judicial rulings protecting your constitutional right to bear arms.

It’s nearly every month now that a new major piece of legislation comes out with Democrats trying to limit the number of firearms you can buy or even the type you can purchase. 

But, thankfully, most of their attempts are shot down by the high courts as unconstitutional. 

Just because a court protected your rights from the government doesn’t mean Democrats are going to stop trying to take away your guns. 

Democrats have tried to interfere directly with your ability to buy and maintain firearms by restricting the open marketplace. 

Who can forget when Democrats started to use credit cards as a means to limit firearm purchases?

Credit card providers like PayPal and Stripe have already banned the use of their customer’s cards in buying firearms with more to follow.

But trying to restrict your ability to buy a firearm isn’t enough. 

Now they are taking aim at one of the nation’s biggest firearm sellers. 

Weapons ban coming to Cabela’s?

Cabela’s is one of the most beloved national chains by outdoorsmen. 

Nearly all of their 70 stores are a must stop destination with endless amounts of items to meet nearly any need you might face in Mother Nature. 

And when it comes to firearms you will be hard pressed to find a bigger and better collection for sale in stocks. 

Well, now Cabela’s is enemy number one for Maine Democrats. 

Forty-five Democrat elected officials in Maine sent a strongly worded letter to corporate for Cabela’s demanding that they pull “assault rifles” from their stores over the October Lewiston shooting. 

The letter stated, “The horrific loss of life in Lewiston on Oct. 25, 2023, from such a legally purchased weapon is a wakeup call to all of us in Maine that a mass casualty shooting can happen here. We all need to do our part to make sure it does not happen again. Doing nothing is simply not acceptable. As one of the nation’s most successful outdoor enthusiast businesses, making this decision will help Maine heal.”

It continued, “You would set an example for other outdoor retailers in Maine to join you in this concrete, common-sense change – just as Walmart did when it banned these weapons for sale in all of their stores nationwide. LL Bean and Dick’s Sporting Goods have also demonstrated leadership by choosing not to sell military-style semi-automatic weapons.”

There is just one issue with their whole attempt to pull “assault rifles” from Cabela’s – the shooting was done with a handgun. 

But what are facts when you have fear and anger on your side? 

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