This Biden official’s actions shows how the woke Left has weaponized the federal government against Christians

Mar 8, 2024

The only thing leftists hate more than Trump is white male Christians.

When you give angry, woke activists authority to run the police operations, they have the power to ruin people’s lives, which they unfortunately do.

These Biden officials’ actions show just how far the woke left will go to attack Christianity.

Joe Biden and his administration have set their crosshairs on American Christians

Christianity remains the most widely practiced religion in the United States.

Study after study shows that Christians typically share conservative values and vote accordingly, triggering the wrath of Democrats such as President Joe Biden.

Since taking the oath of office in 2021, Joe Biden has used the levers of the federal government to seek out and destroy several Christian leaders who dared to defy his agenda.

For example, in 2022, former Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins, a Biden appointee, filed unfounded charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and unlawful monetary transaction against Father Brian Andrew Bushell and his business partner.

According to Rollins, “We allege that these two individuals engaged in brazen, criminal behavior that took advantage of our government’s efforts to rescue organizations,” adding, “Our government should not and will not foot the bill for fancy designer handbags and lavish lifestyles. Hard-working people deserve these funds.”

However, these charges were dismissed a year later by Rollins’ replacement, after prosecutors realized just how little evidence they had against Father Bushell.

Nonetheless, the FBI and other federal agents humiliated Father Bushell, arresting him at his place of worship and treating him like a dangerous criminal.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Father Bushell claimed, “There was no warning. I saw flashlights outside the chapel windows. Dogs started barking,” adding, “The entire experience is created in such a way to put outsized psychological pressure on individuals.”

Father Bushell then said, “The entire feeling that the apparatus of government, which is supposed to protect the weak and supposed to protect those who are struggling to do good things for others, was actually bearing down on me… it’s terrifying. It’s traumatic . . . “There does not seem to be time for Christianity in President Biden’s administration.”
As Father Bushell highlighted in his interview with Fox News Digital, Joe Biden and his administration spent significant resources to terrify, humiliate, and punish Bushell despite no crime being committed.

Joe Biden and his administration have repeatedly trampled on the individual liberties of Americans

Joe Biden has proven that he will do whatever it takes to silence anybody who opposes him.

Over the last several years, Joe Biden has appointed radical far-left judges such as Rachel Rollins, who have abused the power of the federal government to target and destroy anybody who dares to oppose her political agenda.

Although Joe Biden claims to be a Christian, he has used every tool at his disposal to silence and punish Christian activists.

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