This bombshell report fully exposed the RINO billionaire working against American interests on behalf of Communist China

Sep 27, 2023

The ruling class elites in both parties are only concerned with obtaining more power, control, and wealth for themselves.

They’ll gladly offer up working-class Americans as sacrificial lambs if there’s any chance doing so may work to their advantage.

And now this bombshell report fully exposed the RINO billionaire working against American interests on behalf of Communist China.

It’s all about the money

A recent report from The Wall Street Journal has outed billionaire financier and Republican establishment megadonor Jeff Yass as a leader of the ruling class elite effort to protect the Communist Chinese-controlled social media platform TikTok amidst calls for it to be banned due to national security concerns.

TikTok has, of course, risen to popularity rather rapidly across America over the past few years, especially for those under 25.

But considering the fact that the platform is owned and controlled by ByteDance, a Chinese company known to be heavily controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, and the app quietly pulls significantly more personal data on users than any other, many national security experts have warned about the consequences of allowing the CCP-controlled app free reign on American devices.

Nevertheless, many ruling class elites have taken a liking to TikTok for one reason or another, and that includes Yass, although his motives are perfectly clear.

The Journal reported that Yass, as well as all of TikTok’s many new friends within the U.S. government, have spearheaded the effort to block multiple attempts by Members of Congress to ban the app in the United States.

That’s because Yass’ company, Susquehanna International Group, purchased a 15% stake in TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, back in 2012, giving the billionaire personal ownership of roughly 7% of the company.

Today, Yass’ investment in ByteDance is valued at over $20 billion, and according to the Journal, that one investment accounts for the majority of his $28 billion net worth.

Obviously, with such a big chunk of his wealth on the line, Yass is doing everything in his power to protect his investment, even if it comes at a price every American will have to pay.

Conservatives are being manipulated

And he’s doing so by utilizing all of the connections his tens of billions of dollars in wealth have bought him, including using his position as a major donor to certain top “conservative” groups to push for Republicans to soften their stance on a TikTok ban.

“Yass is also one of the top donors to Club for Growth, a conservative group rallying Republicans to oppose a ban of TikTok,” Breitbart reported. “Since 2010, the billionaire has donated $61 million toward this group’s political spending arm, which is reportedly about 24 percent of its total.”

“In March, Club for Growth publicly announced its opposition to banning TikTok in an opinion article by the group’s President,” the site added.

Breitbart also noted that while many Democrats have already backed down on their calls for a ban of TikTok – likely due to a left-wing billionaire cut from the same mold as Yass – thanks to the billionaire’s support, “Club for Growth is working at whittling away Republican support of a ban of the Chinese app, making efforts to rid American society of the Chinese surveillance thinly veiled as a social media platform more and more futile.”

For his part, Yass has defended his actions, claiming he’s fighting on behalf of the Communist Chinese-controlled social media platform solely because of his supposed support for “free speech and innovation” and “free market ideals.”

“I’ve supported libertarian and free market principles my entire adult life,” Yass claimed. “TikTok is about free speech and innovation, the epitome of libertarian and free market ideals. The idea of banning TikTok is an anathema to everything, I believe.”

Of course, while ruling-class elites like Jeff Yass like to portray themselves as merely libertarian capitalists, in reality, they’d gladly sell their souls for the right price.

And they’ll certainly sell America’s soul to the highest bidder any chance they get, so long as working-class Americans continue to allow the ruling class to do so.

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