This campaign is throwing the entire political establishment into a nervous wreck

Nov 15, 2023

Even before the first Primary ballot is cast, most people are convinced 2024 will be a Biden/Trump rematch.

But unlike 2020, there are some other wildcards that could upset everyone’s plans.

The latest polling shows that the voters may upset the entire political establishment.

RFK, Jr. is making strides in the polls

Many Donald Trump supporters feel that the ex-president’s highly publicized trial in New York could backfire and make him a much stronger candidate in 2024.

Those on the Left are focusing on a myriad of issues within the Republican party, including arguments about the Speaker of the House and how they can work together to avoid a looming government shutdown.

Some Democrats also feel that there’s a chance Biden may do better than expected next November thanks to several GOP losses in recent off-year elections.

However, one major development has sent shock and awe through political consultants in the nation’s capital: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. just made a strong showing in two recent national polls.

The third-party candidate led President Biden and Donald Trump among two key electoral demographics.

Those demographics include independent voters and voters under the age of 45.

The recent poll results are shocking enough that they led the New York Times to run a story practically dismissing its own poll results.

The headline reads, “What’s Behind Kennedy’s Poll Numbers? Voters Dread a Trump-Biden Rematch.”

It includes a disclaimer stating that the poll, which was held in six critical presidential battleground states, found RFK, Jr. to be the choice of almost one-quarter of those polled when he was placed in a three-way matchup with Biden and Trump.

The article states that the results “almost surely inflates the support of Mr. Kennedy.”

More than just poll numbers

The high polling numbers for RFK, Jr. among two key demographics isn’t the only thing that should send the establishment into a panic.

While it’s not out of reach that Americans aren’t fond of another Trump-Biden rematch, Kennedy’s fundraising numbers also speak volumes.

The candidate has raked in a staggering $8.7 million in the third quarter, which means there is strong support for his candidacy.

Even more interesting is that Kennedy raised millions of dollars from people who hadn’t donated any money at all in the last two presidential elections.

He currently maintains a 19% lead in favorability with voters over both Trump and Biden, despite the efforts of most mainstream media outlets to paint him as a conspiracy theorist.

Issues like the national debt and the economy are important to voters, and Kennedy connects with them.

He also connects on problems such as how Americans feel extremely financially insecure while the government focuses on spending more taxpayer money on two significant military commitments in Ukraine and Gaza.

As he positions himself as a peace candidate, Kennedy is favored among Gen Z and Millennials, which may explain why those behind the scenes are running scared.

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