This fisherman may have solved the biggest mystery in modern aviation

Dec 26, 2023

Because of modern satellites and electronics, losing a commercial airliner is difficult.

But one did disappear, and its fate is still a mystery.

And the fact that no one has found Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 is shocking to everyone.

But this fisherman just made a shocking claim that may have solved the mystery.

History’s greatest mysteries

Mankind has always been plagued by mysteries.

As we have explored and subdued the world, many of those mysteries have been explained.

For instance, science has given us the answer to questions that have plagued us for generations, like if the world is round or flat.

But there are some mysteries that science to this day cannot answer.

To this day, no one can explain why we have so many Bigfoot sightings but no actual definitive proof that Bigfoot exists.

Also, modern science can’t explain the phenomenon of déjà vu that most of us have experienced.

And how can a wife forget what she ordered with the credit card the other day but remember one chore a husband didn’t do twenty-plus years ago?

Science may never be able to explain these mysteries.

But we would all hope science could figure out what happened to Malaysia flight MH370.

The mystery of MH370 solved?

On March 8, 2014, Malaysia flight MH370 just disappeared in thin air with 239 passengers on board.

In our modern world, a flight of 239 people shouldn’t just disappear off the face of the earth.

For nearly a year after the flight disappeared, nothing was found of the flight, and that was after the world banded together and spent over $200,000,000 to find the missing flight.

To this day, ideas are swirling online as to what happened to MH370.

Well, we have come to find out a fisherman from southern Australia may have solved the mystery.

Retired Australian fisherman Kit Olver has broken his silence to claim that he found part of the plane back in 2014 while fishing off the coast of Australia.

Olver claims that while fishing in September of 2014, he pulled up a large aircraft wing in his nets.

He states, “I wish to Christ I’d never seen the thing … but there it is. It was a jet’s wing.”

Olver continued by claiming, “It was incredibly heavy and awkward. It stretched out the net and ripped it. It was too big to get up on the deck. As soon as I saw it, I knew what it was. It was obviously a wing, or a big part of it, from a commercial plane. It was white, and obviously not from a military jet or a little plane.”

After his crew had to cut off his $20,000 net as they were stuck to the wing, he reported the incident to the local authorities in Australia.

But when they were told about this news, the authorities brushed off Olver and claimed that he just pulled up a missing cargo container.

We may never know what really happened to MH370, but it wouldn’t be shocking if the bureaucracy had evidence of its fate and failed to do its primary duty and investigate Olver’s claims.

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