This Florida man was shocked when wrestling legend Ric Flair challenged him to a parking lot brawl

May 14, 2024

The “Nature Boy” Ric Flair is considered the greatest professional wrestler of all time.

Flair lives in Tampa, Florida, and remains in the wrestling business to this day.

But this Florida man was shocked when wrestling legend Ric Flair challenged him to a parking lot brawl.

75-year-old Ric Flair has had a long and successful career as a professional wrestler.

He is a six-time winner of Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Wrestler of the Year award and an eight-time winner of Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Wrestler of the Year award.

A 16-time WWE world champion, Flair is the first two-time WWE Hall of Fame inductee and is also a member of the NWA Hall of Fame, the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame.

With a career that spans over 50 years, Flair is the most well-known and popular professional wrestler on the planet.

But a kitchen manager at Piesanos in Gainesville, Florida, recently found himself in a dispute with Flair that almost led to an all-out parking lot brawl.

Flair was at the restaurant to celebrate a family member’s graduation.

During a trip to the bathroom, Flair had an interaction with the kitchen manager for the restaurant that went downhill quickly.

A video of the incident shows Flair telling an employee at the bar that “I didn’t do anything wrong except spend money and put this place over and bring my family and friends here,” before adding “that is bad for you.”

“Flair, 75, was celebrating his stepdaughter’s college graduation at Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza in Gainesville, and surveillance footage emerged of him calling a staffer a ‘dips***’ and inviting him to settle their differences outside,” the New York Post reported.

Flair told the manager to “come outside here and talk to me like a man.”

That’s when another customer stood up and told the wrestling champion, “Hey, you wanna go have a talk with me in the parking lot?  Cause I’ll work you.  I don’t give a s***.”

“What did you say to me?” Flair shouted.  “What did you say to me?”

After the video went viral online, Flair offered up an apology for his behavior on the MJ Morning Show in Tampa.

“It just escalated, and I was wrong for getting mad, but I kind of felt like I was defending my position,” Flair said. “I was wrong for losing my temper. When I feel like I’m put in that area where I’m uncomfortable and all of a sudden everything just fell apart, I got upset.”

Flair denied allegations that he was drunk.

“I was wrong for getting upset,” he added. “I probably just should have just walked out the door, but it caught me so off-guard because we were having a wonderful time. Then all of a sudden . . . someone in their kitchen said I did something wrong in the bathroom and there’s no one there except me and him.”

Flair praised the quality of food at the restaurant and said before the incident they were having “a wonderful time.”

Fortunately, no one was injured and the issue has been resolved.

But Flair seemed close to taking the man outside and putting him into his infamous Figure Four leglock.

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