This former HBO star is being accused of being a thief and abusing women and the hits just keep coming

Mar 28, 2024

Behind the glitter of Hollywood are some people you don’t want to be around, and some celebrities turn out to be very nasty people.

Very few are ever called out for the damage they do to people.

But this former HBO star and current podcaster is being called out for ripping off and hurting people and now they are calling him out.

A career going down the drain

After appearing in commercials for brands, like Chips Ahoy!, since he was just six years old, actor and director Kevin Connolly truly rose to fame because of his friendship with stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey MaGurie, which reportedly came to be known around Hollywood as the “p**sy posse.”

Of course, while his friends were becoming amongst the biggest stars in the world, Connolly bounced around doing small roles until finally landing the role of Eric Murphy, also known as merely “E,” in HBO’s hit comedy Entourage in 2004.

But once Entourage officially ended with its film adaptation in 2015, Connolly’s career hasn’t exactly been anything to write home about.

Connolly leveraged the bit of clout he had left over from Entourage to land the job directing the 2018 biopic Gotti, which chronicled notorious crime boss John Gotti’s rise through the New York Mafia’s ranks with John Travolta playing the Teflon Don.

Despite there being a clear blueprint for making good mob movies, Connolly decided he “wanted to take a different approach,” and the result was what The New York Post’s Johnny Oleksinski dubbed “the worst mob movie of all-time” as Rotten Tomato’s reviewers gave the movie an approval rating of 0%.

With his directing career over before it really began, and his acting career cooled from his Entourage heyday, Connolly decided to try to cash in on the podcasting craze during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, launching his own LA-based podcast network, Action Park Media.

And on the surface, it had seemingly been a success, as Action Park Media signed a multi-year distribution and advertising sales agreement with podcasting giant PodcastOne in August 2022.

But Barstool Sports personality Jersey Jerry, whose real name is Gerard Gilfone, has recently come forward with allegations that Connolly is a huge scumbag and that his company screws people out of money they are owed.

“He’s a bad person”

The allegations first emerged after fellow Barstool Sports personality and former NHL player Ryan Whitney invited Connolly to take part in a video he was shooting for Barstool’s Spittin Chiclets podcast, causing Jersey Jerry to confront Whitney with his personal experience.

According to Jersey Jerry, prior to his time at Barstool, he signed a contract with Connolly and Action Park Media to host a podcast and produce content, but was unceremoniously fired without cause, and was only told about the firing by an assistant Connolly had call on his behalf to Jerry he’d been fired weeks earlier and wouldn’t be paid the roughly $35,000 he was owed under the contract.

“He’s a bad person,” Jerry said of Connolly during an episode of Barstool Sports’ The Unnamed Show podcast with founder Dave Portnoy. “He f**ked me really bad.”

“He had an editor – he didn’t even have the balls to message me, this little f**king rat, ok,” he added. “He had an editor text me in the middle of the night ‘hey Jerry just a heads up’ – two weeks later! I’m still putting out videos, I’m making stuff for him, no answer.”

To make matters worse for Connolly, Jersey Jerry apparently isn’t alone in feeling screwed over by the wannabe media mogul.

After seeing Jersey Jerry expose his beef with Connolly, Kelly Stafford, LA Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford’s wife, sent the Barstool personality private messages she asked him to share publicly in which she revealed that she too had been screwed over by the actor.

Like Jersey Jerry, Stafford signed a deal with Action Park Media for her The Morning After with Kelly Stafford podcast to join the company’s network, ultimately becoming one of Action Park’s flagship podcasts and a primary reason it landed the aforementioned PodcastOne deal.

But after doing a merchandise drop for the podcast which sold out in 48 hours, Connolly paid Stafford “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.”

“Did my podcast under him at Action Park for a year … Super Bowl year,” Stafford said of the year her husband led the Rams to a Super Bowl victory. “Had a merch drop that sold out in 48 hours and got paid ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. My husband wants to beat his ass, but I’d rather see what happens to him in prison.”

The allegations are mounting

Stafford admitted that she had previously remained silent about the ordeal because she didn’t want her husband’s first year with the Rams, and their Super Bowl run, to be made into a media circus centered around her feuding with a celebrity.

“I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want the first year in LA to be about me starting a war with a celebrity,” Stafford explained.

“I thought he just took advantage of me because of who I’m married to, and the fact that he didn’t think I would care that I just wasn’t getting paid but clearly he was doing it to everybody,” she concluded.

As of now, Connolly has not responded to the allegations against him.

He was previously accused of raping an assistant costume designer during a post-production party for the cast and crew of the film Gardner of Eden in 2005, though no charges were ever filed as he claimed through a spokesperson that the encounter was consensual.

Needless to say, Kevin Connolly has a lot to answer for.

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