This influencer’s videos has documented Oakland, California’s horrible decline

Feb 23, 2024

Leftists have turned Oakland, CA into a crime infested unlivable dystopian nightmare for honest citizens.

But while we read stories about the damage being inflicted on people, seeing the horrors really brings the problem home.

Thankfully, this popular social media influencer is documenting the decline with a video that will show anyone why you don’t want this in your town.

Influencer gives Oakland a new catchphrase

Gregorio Ramon is an influencer who has been posting videos of Oakland on his Instagram and TikTok accounts since the middle of 2022.

The posts highlight just how horrific crime and mayhem has been in the East Bay city in recent years.

Ramon always adds a phrase to the end of every video he posts: “Oakland, California, …donde la vida no vale nada, donde la cuidad nos tiende abandonados,” which translates to “Oakland, California, …where life is worthless, where the city has abandoned us.”

The catchphrase has become so popular that everyone is repeating it, including police officers, firefighters, and even some government officials.

Examples of the footage Ramon has captured include a Prius hanging out of a dumpster, burning trash cans, and stripped-down cars.

He records everything he sees around the city, including police chases and the newly boarded-up Denny’s that just closed in Oakland over safety concerns.

The influencer has taken the Internet by storm thanks to his commentary about life in Oakland today, which often has an endearing yet matter-of-fact tone.

Ramon’s Instagram account has skyrocketed in popularity in the last year, racking up over 500,000 followers as of mid-February — an increase of over 300,000 followers in just the last month.

In an interview with The San Francisco Standard, Ramon explained why he captures the footage and what he hopes it will accomplish.

“I said it because it is the reality of what we are living. Oakland, California, where life is worthless. Where someone can drive 100 mph, kill a 60-year-old man walking in the street and try to flee. Like nothing. It’s like just another day,” said the 47-year-old.

Ramon’s content spans all kinds of footage, including an incident that featured a car driving in reverse as it barreled toward a freeway entrance.

A bystander heard Ramon saying his catchphrase in a recent video and shouted it back while Ramon filmed the smoldering ashes of a trash can sitting on an East Oakland bus stop platform.

In one post on Valentine’s Day, Ramon taped first responders putting out a fire while one firefighter finished his slogan as he walked past.

The influencer says many first responders have reached out to him with their phone numbers just in case he ever needs to get in touch with them directly, including several cops who say they’re big fans of his content.

Oakland is still in trouble

Many of Ramon’s posts were uploaded to social media before Governor Gavin Newsom sent 120 California Highway Patrol officers to Oakland to help with the rising crime in early February.

According to the governor, 71 suspects were arrested, 145 stolen vehicles were recovered, and four “crime-linked” firearms were seized during the temporary surge of law enforcement.

Some city leaders have criticized Ramon’s videos, saying that they give the city a bad reputation.

“They tell me I’m putting Oakland down. I don’t put Oakland down. This is what it is. I can’t stay here sitting around when the situation is what it is. I’d like to think my videos have helped somehow to change some things. It’s happening. It’s right there on your screen,” he said.

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