This museum just rewrote history to cater to the trans agenda

Nov 27, 2023

From paintings to sculptures, art is a unique form of expression that often has direct ties to history.

But while art and beauty are in the eye of the beholder, the Left sees it as a tool to push their beliefs.

Now, one art museum in England caved to the trans agenda with a move that should leave art lovers and historians shaking their heads.

Museum labels ancient sculpture “transgender”

The North Hertfordshire Museum in England is run by a local council that is currently governed by a Liberal Democrat-Labour Party coalition.

Now, the museum has decided that an ancient Roman Emperor from the third century was transgender and that the subject will now be referred to using female pronouns in the name of inclusivity.

The sculpture in question is of Roman Emperor Elagabalus, born Sextus Varius Avitus Bassianus.

The museum council also determined that a display featuring a silver denarius coin that was produced during his reign would now refer to the emperor as a “she.”

According to a report from The Telegraph, they also said the coin would also be used in other LGBT-themed displays.

The woke council consults with a controversial LGBT charity called Stonewall and the LGBT wing of the Union trade union.

They decided in light of historical accounts made by the Roman senator and historian Cassius Dio, who said that Elagabalus told a lover not to “call me lord, for I am a lady.”

According to the accounts from Dio, the young emperor was assassinated at the young age of 18 in 222 AD and had been referred to as “wife, mistress and queen.”

Dio also said that the emperor had asked for mock female genitalia to be made for him.

But these accounts have been seriously questioned, particularly because Dio was an ally of Elagabalus’ successor, Severus Alexander, and likely had a vested interest in discrediting the young ruler’s reputation.

And Cambridge Classics Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill clarified the statements made by Dio, saying, “The Romans didn’t have our idea of ‘trans’ as a category, but they used accusations of sexual behavior ‘as a woman’ as one of the worst insults against men.”

So basically, Dio’s accounts were used to insult and discredit the young Elagabalus, not to quote him directly.

More proof the museum is wrong

Although the council at the North Hertfordshire Museum is determined to twist the historical narrative, experts say their logic is flawed.

Aside from the accounts from Dio likely being used as an insult and not the hard truth, Professor Wallace-Hadrill noted that Elagabalus was of Syrian heritage and not of Roman stock, so there was a strong likelihood that “racial prejudice was going on there too” to try and harm his reputation.

Another historian named Tom Holland said, “This rests on two pretty dubious assumptions: firstly, that in this one case, the notoriously unreliable sources for Elagabalus’ reign are to be trusted; and secondly, that Roman assumptions about gender can be seamlessly mapped onto those of British museum curators in 2023.”

Regardless, Liberal Democrat councilor Keith Hoskins exclaimed, “Elagabalus most definitely preferred the ‘she’ pronoun, and as such, this is something we reflect when discussing her in contemporary times.”

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