This NBA star shocked by massively high gas prices in LA used three colorful words to describe it

Oct 6, 2023

Joe Biden’s economy is so bad that even many Democrats are now questioning his policies.

And this includes many in the sports and entertainment industry known for their left-wing views.

Like this NBA star, who was so shocked by massively high gas prices in LA, he used three colorful words to describe it.

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler was incredulous after a recent workout in Los Angeles.

“Highway f***ing robbery”

It wasn’t the workout that had him so worked up, but the amount he was paying at a California gas station to fill up his vehicle.

Still decked out in his sweats, while standing at the pump, Butler was recorded saying, “This is highway f***ing robbery,” as the numbers on the gas pump kept rising.

“Man, I’m trying to get some of this gas back. Do you think if I go in there and tell them I put the wrong gas in here, they’ll give me a refund? This is crazy; I’m going electric!” the Miami Heat forward joked.

Then, once comfortably seated inside his luxury car, Butler rhetorically asked, “Can y’all believe it costs $145 to fill up a Bugatti?”

When even someone as wealthy as Butler notices that gas prices have skyrocketed, there might be a problem for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

According to AAA, Butler is originally from Houston, Texas, so he is likely used to lower prices in his home state, which averaged “only” $3.38 a gallon.

While in Florida, where the player earns his living, the average price is $3.56.

Meanwhile, the average in California is a whopping $5.89 per gallon.

No wonder Butler was shocked.

Even multi-millionaires are upset with Joe Biden

Butler is set to make $45 million for the 2023-24 NBA season.

And he is scheduled to see that increase to $52 million by 2025.

His career earnings already surpass $218 million, and by the time his current contract ends, it will total $364 million.

So, one would think $145 for gas wouldn’t put a huge dent in his bank account.

But the fact is even wealthy Americans like Butler are upset over skyrocketing fuel prices due to Joe Biden’s policies.

The Biden administration’s ongoing push to end the use of fossil fuels is not going as well as he had hoped.

As reality hits both auto manufacturers and consumers, problems are surfacing at every turn.

The current auto workers’ strike, largely due to the increased EV push in the auto industry, threatens the production of American-made vehicles.

And at the same time, a Communist Chinese state-run company is set to receive more than $536 million in taxpayer-funded incentives and tax breaks to build an electric vehicle battery plant in Illinois.

But even as that plan moves forward, Ford has stopped all work on a $3.5 billion electric vehicle battery plant in Michigan.

Biden’s policies are hurting more than the auto industry

But it’s not just the auto and fuel industries being hurt by the Biden administration’s mad dash to “go green.”

Even companies like Lego have had to learn a tough lesson about the world’s need for oil.

In 2018, Lego announced it had set a target date of 2030 to swap out the oil-based plastics it uses in the 110-120 billion pieces it produces every year for sustainable materials.

But the Danish toy company eventually had to admit that it would need to completely change its entire production facilities to “go green.”

And they also admitted that the change would actually be worse for the environment.

That is precisely the problem with Joe Biden’s push to “go green.”

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