This NFL Network star just told Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White his shocking secret while the cameras were rolling

Dec 1, 2023

The popularity of Wheel of Fortune hasn’t waned a bit despite its incredibly long run…

Even the pending retirement of Pat Sajak isn’t slowing down the iconic game show, and the show is still a hit with fans.

And now this NFL Network star just joined other Wheel of Fortune’s legends when he told Vanna White something about a puzzle that shocked even her.

NFL Network host Kyle Brandt seemed determined to make his appearance on the “Wheel of Fortune” count.

I’ve got a crush on you

And he made his moment count as soon as he saw the ‘Wheel’s’ longtime letter turner and co-host Vanna White.

Brandt recently appeared on the show in a charity special along with comedians Natasha Leggero and Roy Wood Jr.

In the episode, the 44-year-old Brandt told White, 66, about his boyhood crush on her.

The clearly smitten Brandt said, “Pat (Sajak), I’m thrilled to meet you, but Vanna, let’s just put the cards on the table. I say this respectfully: you’re a TV legend, my wife is here, you were my boyhood crush. I love you. For many years of my life, you were the puzzle I wanted to solve. And I’m so thrilled to be here.”

“Do you have any advice for me, Vanna? Because you control the board. I love you, Pat, but to me, this is a Vanna show.”

White laughed and appeared shocked by Brandt laying it all out in the open.

“Thank you for those kind words,” White responded.

And then gave Brandt some advice.

“Keep me out of it”

But it may not have been the advice Brandt was hoping for.

“Buy vowels. Pretend like you’re in your own living room. Not here,” White began.

Then she continued, “Just concentrate on the puzzle board. Not me – keep me out of it. Think of the puzzle.”

And Pat Sajak got in on the fun as well.

He joked about Brandt’s wording and his life-long crush on White.

“‘ You were the puzzle I wanted to solve?'” Sajak said as the other contestants laughed. “This is your line, Kyle?”

Brandt responded with, “It just came out,” and explained he didn’t think the moment would ever happen.

But Brandt proved he was a good sport and asked Sajak, “Did I hit bankrupt on that, Pat?”

It may have caused some momentary embarrassment for Brandt and likely a talk with his wife, but Brandt’s fans appreciated him for his candor.

Brandt’s fans on social media roundly applauded him for taking his shot and for his charisma during his appearance on ‘Wheel.’

And one fan said his wording about White was actually a “Hall of Fame line.”

But that wasn’t the only good news for Brandt.

The NFL Network star won $169,500 to give to his chosen charity.

His charity of choice was the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which provides wishes for terminally ill children.

So Kyle Brandt got his wish and will be able to provide wishes for dozens of children as well.

A win-win appearance.

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