This NFL team is still pushing Black Lives Matter. But fans are not having it

Dec 19, 2023

The NFL just will not let fans relax and take their minds off of pressing problems, they have to keep pushing woke causes. 

But fans are pushing back like never before.  

And this team got an earful when they tried to inflict more BLM messaging down their throats. 

Football fans are sick and tired of the NFL’s “woke” social justice agenda

Over time the NFL, and many other professional sports leagues for that matter, has become increasingly “woke.”

Following the death of George Floyd in 2020, the NFL dove headfirst into “wokeness” promoting radical anti-American organizations like Black Lives Matter. 

To make matters worse, the NFL promoted segregated National Anthems, and “woke: messaging on jerseys and other equipment. 

Although much of this social justice fervor has simmered down, some teams are still beating the drums of social justice. 

On Thursday for example, the Seattle Seahawks posted a video on X, promoting the work that their players do in the Seattle community. 

While much of the community service work they conduct goes to good causes and charities, they still openly support radical far-left groups such as Black Lives Matter, which they promoted in Thursday’s video. 

In the video, the Seahawks even admit that the footage shown was filmed as far back as 2017, causing many viewers to question why the Seattle Seahawks are posting this video in the first place.  Certainly, there is more current work to promote.

From the moment that the Seattle Seahawks posted this video on Thursday, football fans criticized the video, wondering what it has to do with their upcoming matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles this Monday Night. 

One fed-up fan commented “Still supporting BLM.? That’s not inspiring. Maybe worry about the fans and win a game,” and another fan commented, “No one cares beat Philly.”

As it stands, the Seattle Seahawks have a 6-7 record, having lost their last 4 games. 

If the NFL season were to end today, the Seattle Seahawks would not make the playoffs, despite their hot start to the season, which can explain the frustration from Seattle Seahawks fans. 

Based on the comment section of Thursday’s “woke” video, it seems like many Seahawks fans would prefer to see some changes on their team instead of stale virtue signaling. 

The Seattle Seahawks just did what the Left does best

Many view last Thursday’s social justice awareness video put out by the Seattle Seahawks as nothing more than lackluster virtue signaling. 

As soon as the Seahawks started losing games, causing outrage among the Seahawks fan base, the team pivoted to what they thought was feel-good content. 

However, they must have forgotten just how fed up many people have become with Black Lives Matter. 

Since the 2020 riots, a number of Black Lives Matter employees and executives have faced legal trouble for embezzling funds and making flagrantly hateful remarks. 

Perhaps the Seahawks will think twice the next time they try to promote their community service programs. 

Read All About It will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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