This prominent black influencer just blew up DEI with these three words

Apr 11, 2024

The woke Democratic Party seems to have all the cool kids on their side and they all work hard to out-virtue signal each other.

This is especially true with issues related to race and culture.

But this prominent black influencer just blew up DEI with these three words.

Charlamagne tha God is a prominent voice for Democrats but sometimes pushes back

The Democrat Party has long leaned on the cultural establishment to prop their radical ideas up for the American public.

When it comes to black culture, it’s difficult to find someone with more influence than popular radio voice, Charlamagne tha God.

Ahead of the election in 2020, Charlamagne hosted the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, to his show to tell the audience why they should vote for him.

But instead of rallying the radio host and his listeners, Biden made headlines with one statement.

“Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” Biden said at the time.

Charlamagne pushed back on the comment saying that the conversation wasn’t about Trump.

It was about wanting something more for “[his] community.”

Now Charlamagne is mocking the cornerstone of the Democratic Party

Now the prominent Leftist influencer is calling into question one of those core tenants of the Democratic Party—Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Charlamagne showed up as a guest-host on the Daily Show earlier this month when he made fun of anti-discrimination rules and “sensitivity training seminars.”

The radio host mocked the fact that the first thing to come from DEI was “a s*** ton of ads.”

“Nobody’s buying Vaseline because of diversity. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever bought Vaseline, it’s just there. It comes with the house,” he joked.

Charlamagne likened the ads to pharmaceutical commercials that encourage viewers to consult with their doctor about the purchase.

“Ask your doctor if black people are right for you!” he joked.

Then the segment turned to highlighting Fox News clips where they attacked the initiatives with different definitions like “Didn’t Earn It.”

“DEI stands for Dr. Dre, Easy-E, and Ice Cube,” he said mocking Fox News and the audience responded in cheers.

But then, Charlamagne told his viewers to hold their cheers because they were about to get angry with him.

DEI might have been “well-intentioned” but it’s really “mostly garbage”

The radio host went on to explain that just because “racist hate it, doesn’t mean it’s good” and that it might actually be making things worse for black people because of what he calls the “backlash effect.”

“Remember D.A.R.E. from school? DEI training is like D.A.R.E. for racism,” he said.

“I was sitting there going like, oh s*** There’s a ton of fun drugs out there to try! I didn’t even know about Molly. Thanks, officer John,” he said laughing.

Charlamagne went on to say that DEI was “well-intentioned” but when put into practice “it’s mostly garbage.”

Describing it as “good vibes” for “corporate PR” professionals he likened it to the ‘I have a black friend’ defense of the business world.

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