This Sopranos star just showed how cancel culture is making more people Conservatives

Mar 1, 2024

Not following leftist orthodoxy in Hollywood can be dangerous to your career.

But because the cancer of cancel culture is so pervasive in Hollywood, many canceled stars are starting to find a welcoming home with Conservatives.

Now, this Sopranos star surprised everyone by pointing out how the cancel culture is going to backfire on the Left.

Emmy award-winning actress Drea de Matteo is best known for starring as Adriana La Cerva on the hit HBO show The Sopranos.

She said that she had a political awakening after the pandemic to hold more Conservative views.

“With all of the Conservatives out there in the last three years, it was the only safe place to go and find some semblance of truth for me,” de Matteo told Megyn Kelly.

“I felt more aligned with a lot of the things they were talking about.”

Working in the entertainment industry as someone with Conservative beliefs paints the target for cancel culture.

Soprano’s actress slams cancel culture

Drea de Matteo ripped cancel culture and the damage it’s doing to society in an interview with Fox News Digital.

“Stop canceling everybody,” de Matteo said.

“You know what I also can’t relate to — because I’ve seen some people send me, like, real, nasty hate stuff on the internet that people have said about me just for fun, and — it’s not just about me. It’s about anybody in the world.”

The Sopranos actress has become a target for the Left after speaking out about her Conservative beliefs.

“Why is everybody so angry?” de Matteo asked.

“Like, why is everyone so mad? Why can’t we get back to a place where we really do want to see people do well and feel included and not be destroyed constantly by people sitting behind computers?”

Soprano’s actress trying to promote free speech

She added that she faced censorship online for trying to promote her streetwear brand Ultrafree, which promotes free speech.

“The cancel culture thing couldn’t be more volatile and vile and — again, how do you use these words, how do you use this inclusivity? — and it just doesn’t make sense at all,” de Mateo continued.

“So, it only works for a moment in time when it’s convenient, and it’s not going on across the board.”

She said that her kids were opening her eyes to what’s happening in the world with what they bring home from school.

“I mean, my kids teach me more about what’s happening in the world than I would know,” de Matteo explained.

“I’ve always lived in kind of a bubble of just literature and fantasy land actors, and they go to school, and they bring all that information. So cancel culture, it is real, and I probably learned not to fall into these sort of ideologies based on their criticism of them all. They hate it. They literally hate the woke culture. Even though these kids really are the most inclusive and open-minded.”

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