This viral video has many people wondering if Meghan Markle’s career can sink any further

Dec 26, 2023

If you Google “most entitled person on earth,” there is a good chance Meghan Markle’s name will appear.

But while she had been working up a fake persona to achieve fame through fake victimhood, she did not know this video would appear.

Even Meghan Markle is crying and wondering just how low her career has gone now that this video is on full display.

Meghan Markle wanted it all

We all know a handful of people who feel entitled to everything just because they are breathing.

Rather than understanding that they must earn what is given to them, they just want to be given everything without any work on their part.

And one person who fits this definition is Meghan Markle.

Meghan saw her shot to have all the fame and fortune she could imagine when she went after Prince Harry.

Poor Prince Harry didn’t stand a chance as he was not ready for the connivance of Meghan.

She used poor Harry to be part of the royal family.

And the average person would be just fine being a member of the British royal family.

You are set for life and never really have to work another day in your life.

And you can go on lavish vacations and live in massive houses that are all paid for by the British taxpayer.

But for some reason, Meghan demanded more.

She couldn’t stand being in the shadows of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, as she wanted all the name and fortune she could muster.

So, as any self-centered, power-hungry person would do, Meghan turned on the royal family and convinced Harry to leave his family.

She used the separation of the couple from the royal family to make up accusations that the royal family was racist and mean to her.

Over the years, she has written several books, directed a Netflix series, and spilled the beans about her “racist” in-laws to Oprah for all to see.

Meghan has been able to build up some wealth in her all-out crusade against the royal family.

But in all honesty, the amount of money she is worth now pales in comparison to the wealth of the British royal family.

And now it’s clear that Meghan has hit rock bottom.

Can’t get much worse than this

One would assume that such an esteemed actress and symbol of influence like Meghan Markle would refuse to participate in amateur videos.

Either Meghan could care less about her perception, or she has hit a new low for her shameless career.

Clevr Blends is a small vegan coffee brand that literally no one outside of San Francisco has heard of.

They posted a video ad on their Instagram account with Meghan as a background fill-in.

And boy, is this video awful.

Just take a look for yourself.

How embarrassing is it that a once top-rated actress and royal family member is now a fill-in in a movie that looks like a high school project?

Hopefully, it doesn’t get any worse than this for Meghan Markle.

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