This viral video of a beer thief in Florida has to be seen to be believed

Sep 11, 2023

Thievery is an all-too-common occurrence these days as crime rates have skyrocketed across the country.

In this particular case, however, one would be hard-pressed to blame the crime on ill intent.

And this alcohol thief in Florida has to be seen to be believed.

A Florida teenager caught a thief in the act on Sunday, but this was no ordinary crime.

Joseph Diglio was watching television when, all of a sudden, a three-legged bear broke into his family’s screened-in patio.

A very unconventional beer raid

The bear then opened the refrigerator on the patio and helped himself to some adult beverages.

Diglio knew something was up when he heard his dog barking louder than usual.

In video footage of the incident, the teenager can be heard saying, “There’s a literal bear on our patio…Oh my God, I’ve never been this close to a bear.”

He then became concerned that the bear could potentially open the patio doors and enter his house.

“Once I saw him open the fridge, I got scared that he could open the doors to like the houses,” Diglio said.

In an interview with WESH-TV, Diglio said that’s when he decided it was time to lock the doors.

This is not the first time that the three-legged bear has made an appearance.

He’s become well-known in the neighborhood and is affectionately referred to as “Tripod.”

The child’s mother, Josaury Faneite-Diglio, became aware of what was happening when she received a security camera notification.

She then saw with her own eyes that Tripod was visiting their Lake Mary home over the weekend.

“I was not scared because we know the bear really well,” Faniette-Diglio said. “He lives here, and we respect their habitat as much as we can.”

When asked about the bear’s favorite food and drink, Faniette-Diglio said, “he ate the fish food we had outside next to our fish tank and then proceeded to the bar. He took three White Claws, drank, and left very happy. His favorite flavor is mango and strawberry.”

Bear sightings are not uncommon in this part of Florida

Mike Orlando, who works with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, said it’s not uncommon to see black bears this time of year because they are looking for a mating partner.

“Florida’s a wild place, as we all know,” Orlando said. “And basically, it’s just up to us to sort of make sure that we’re living responsibly in a way that isn’t going to cause human-wildlife conflicts.”

“The biggest thing that we ask people to do is to never intentionally or unintentionally feed bears,” he continued. “It almost always ends in a tragic situation. And we really just do not want wild bears to become food conditioned or habituated.”

The Lake Mary community is only 20 miles north of Orlando and has reported a number of bear sightings recently.

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