This wannabe Colin Kaepernick is pushing judicial reform for a very selfish reason

Dec 7, 2023

Mediocre NFL QB Colin Kaepernick sparked a movement that polarized the NFL.

As a result, viewership and attendance have dropped because people want to escape with sports, not be berated by whiny rich athletes and their political feelings.

But this up-and-coming quarterback has started pushing a cause that will make you shake your head in disgust.

Can we just have political free sports?

Everything in our life is politicized at this point.

You can’t even go to the store without seeing political messaging.

Go to your local Target, and you’ll see slogans and advertisements promoting the LGBT agenda.

And then, on the way home, you go to your local gas station, and they’ll even have signs promoting green energy.

The messaging is just everywhere during games, and you can’t escape it.

In the past, people have turned to sports as the last refuge against politics.

As some call it, sports is the soap opera for men to escape reality.

All these guys wanted to do was watch a game and enjoy a couple of hours away from life.

But over the past decade, our major sports leaks have been plagued by politics.

And for the NFL, the politics in the game mostly started with Colin Kaepernick.

People generally remember Colin Kaepernick as a mediocre quarterback who wanted to make a living as a political activist.

After getting benched with the San Francisco 49ers, he saw an economic opportunity to advance his career as a warrior for the black lives matter cause.

To this day, Colin Kaepernick is still pimping out political takes to attack the NFL.

Just last year, he was claiming that the NFL draft was like a slave auction.

Well, right when you thought we were done with Kaepernick, now we have a new young player who wants to be the next Kaepernick of the NFL.

Stroud is the next Kaepernick

CJ Stroud is one of the best young, talented quarterbacks in the League, as he has turned the Houston Texans from an automatically losing team into a team that can win nearly every game they play.

This past weekend was “My Cause My Cleats” week for the NFL, where players got to wear decked-out cleats in honor of their cause.

Well, CJ Stroud decided to wear cleats with the caption “#REFORM” and “FREE POPS.”

When asked about what his cleats were in support of, Stroud responded that it was for prison reform.

As Stroud described, the prison and criminal justice system needs to be reformed because his dad is in jail.

Stroud told reporters:

“Our criminal justice system isn’t right, and it’s something that I need to probably be a little more vocal about because what he’s going through is not right. He called me this week, and we got to talk, and I’m praying for the situation and a reform, and the people with reform are helping me a little bit. But, I think just letting it be known that it’s not just my dad’s situation, but the whole criminal justice system is corrupt.”

His dad is pulling 38 years in jail for carjacking, kidnapping, and robbery charges in a drug-related incident back in 2016.

Gotta love how the criminal justice system made Stroud’s dad commit carjacking and kidnapping.

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