Tim Allen fans were shocked by this major announcement

Mar 19, 2024

Tim Allen has been a favorite actor to most of America’s middle class for nearly three decades.

But Hollywood has never really embraced him because he doesn’t push the woke agenda. He knows what his fans like and doesn’t offend their values.

That’s why Tim Allen fans were shocked by this major announcement.

No one in Hollywood has better results than Tim Allen.

Few people in Hollywood have a resume quite like Tim Allen’s.

He started out as a little-known comedian but quickly blossomed into an A-list actor and a voice for America.

And since 1991, with the start of Home Improvement, Tim Allen has been one of the most sought-after actors in the business.

Everything Tim Allen is involved with turns into a massive success.

Home Improvement was one of the most popular family television shows of the 1990s.

And when Tim Allen got into the movie scene, he hit gold with his voice over for Buzz Lightyear in the children movie series, Toy Story.

Then came the Santa Clause movie series in 1994 that has become a Christmas classic.

The movie franchise is still running strong to this day with a series on Disney Plus starring Tim Allen.

Fast forward to 2011, Tim was the centerpiece of the all-time classic series called Last Man Standing.

Tim Allen has always been a strong conservative with middle America values but his expression of his political beliefs and love for our way of life really blossomed in Last Man Standing.

Well in a move many saw coming, Tim Allen’s show Last Man Standing was abruptly canceled in 2017 by ABC but was eventually picked up by Fox for three more seasons.

It was clear that the executives at ABC couldn’t stand Tim Allen’s views, making it to millions of Americans through their sit-com.

So, for the past several years, Tim Allen has struggled to find new roles in Hollywood as he is blacklisted by executives for being a true American.

But ever since Last Man Standing left the television screen, Hollywood has had an awful record of producing new sitcoms that Americans will actually watch.

Their lack of success is the direct result of Hollywood refusing to put out family-friendly content with family values as Tim Allen did for nearly three decades.

Finally, a new Tim Allen show.

But it looks like Hollywood may have finally learned its lesson as they have now come running back to Tim Allen in a move no one saw coming.

After being off of television screens for over two years, Tim Allen is now coming back to ABC to star in a new pilot sitcom that could become the program’s next big success.

Tim Allen made the big announcement on Twitter that ABC has ordered a pilot show called Shifting Gears, which will star Tim playing a character named Matt who is “ the ‘stubborn, widowed owner of a classic car restoration shop. When Matt’s estranged daughter and her teenage kids move into his house, the real restoration begins.”

As Tim Allen stated on Twitter, “We are at it again! ABC just ordered a comedy pilot, SHIFTING GEARS.”

No one knows much about the show at this point but you should expect the show to air on ABC sometime later this year.

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