Tim Allen’s real-life dad skills are being put to the test with this new TV show

Dec 5, 2023

Tim Allen is the epitome of a family man.

But even his most hardened supporters were shocked by this news.

That’s because this new TV show puts Tim Allen’s real-life dad skills to the test.

Thankfully Tim Allen isn’t like the rest of Hollywood

Too many people go to Hollywood and lose their souls to the many temptations it offers.

And as a result, many people who work and live in Hollywood are as corrupt and immoral as it gets.

We can all name actors and actresses we wouldn’t let anywhere near our family.

Just look at what Harvey Weinstein did with his power in Hollywood; he was one of the most trusted people in Tinseltown.

But one of the outliers for Hollywood has been Tim Allen.

Tim Allen has used his platform to be a voice for Middle America on numerous shows and movies.

And because of it, Tim’s developed a fan base second to none from anyone in Hollywood.

The average American can’t get enough of Tim Allen, which is why even Disney has to hire him.

Even Disney knows they need Tim Allen to bring in the views and money.

His persona as a family man has come from many roles through shows like Home Improvement and Last Man Standing.

But Tim Allen is also a family man in real life.

Tim is happily married with two kids he has supported throughout his robust career.

But now Tim is facing a crisis many parents throughout the United States have faced.

And that’s the desire of their children to be infested with Hollywood.

Tim Allen’s daughter is becoming a Hollywood star

That’s what made this news so shocking to so many of Tim Allen’s most hardened supporters.

Tim Allen has given Disney one of its most successful series in a long time with his return to The Santa Clause series.

The Santa Clauses has been a massive success on Disney+ as he returned to his career-defining role as Santa Clauses in the trilogy.

But this time, Tim isn’t the only Allen on set.

Tim’s daughter Elizabeth is playing his daughter on the new series.

When asked by Us Weekly about what it was like having his daughter on set in a critical role, Tim responded, “It’s one of those moments that I’ll carry with me forever. To see the professional that she’s turned into, [she] treats everybody well, shows up on time, does her job, works long hours, [with] no complaints.”

He continued by adding, “At times, I look over there and go, my kid is on this movie with me. I’m so grateful.”

But one can only hope that Tim keeps his daughter on course and doesn’t let her go down the road of becoming the average childhood star in Hollywood.

Hollywood has ruined many lives, so Tim Allen can use his dad skills to make sure she isn’t about ruined life in Tinseltown.

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