Tim Tebow almost brought Congress to tears as he opened up about one of the most gut-wrenching issues facing America

Mar 12, 2024

There are many dark issues facing America, but none worse than this.

Some of these issues are just so bad it is easier to ignore them than face the problem.

And Tim Tebow almost brought Congress to tears as he opened up about one of the most gut-wrenching issues facing America.

Tebow brings to Congress a dire issue facing countless Americans

Anyone who is honest with themselves will admit that things aren’t going to be good right now.

Our nation’s economy is one bad day on Wall Street, away from slipping into a depression.

And to make things worse our nation is over $34 trillion dollars in debt with our nation being on course to add $1 trillion dollars in debt every 100 days.

Our southern border is wide open to everyone in the world, with no sign of the flow of illegal immigrants stopping anytime soon.

Fentanyl is wrecking communities and families around the nation.

It’s just not a good time for Americans right now.

Well, leave it to Tim Tebow to bring us to reality on one of the biggest issues facing our society today: child sexual abuse.

Many are used to Tebow filling us with praise and happiness.

But the speech he just dropped during a Congressional hearing is about as dark as it gets.

Tebow has been focusing much of his career after football on finding ways to help children around the world through the Tim Tebow Foundation.

His organization usually handles uplifting events for kids of all needs, but recently, the Tim Tebow Foundation has been focusing some of its efforts on kids in harm’s way and, more specifically, on children being sexually abused and assaulted.

And Tebow made sure that Congress understands what is at stake for these kids.

Tebow put Congress on notice

During a hearing on child sexual abuse and a bill Tebow is pushing to help kids being sexually abused, Tebow told Congress that the proposed law would “enhance the capability to identify and locate the more than 50,000 unidentified children who are being abused, raped and tortured.”

As Members of Congress focused on Tebow’s words, he explained how federal agencies recently worked together to identify some of these 50,000 kids and identified 316 in fifteen days.

But he continued by adding, “that means there’s thousands of boys and girls that are starving for hope in our own backyards and we have the chance to bring hope to those who are starving for it, if we are willing.”

And to drive the point home of the need for Congress to help identify these children in need, the former Heisman winner read a letter from a child rape victim, which pleaded, “Rescue me. Help me. Monsters are chasing. Can’t you see? Monsters are whispering. Can’t you hear? Monsters are shouting you’re nothing. Can’t you feel my pain? Monsters are pushing. End it all. Just jump. Monsters are laughing; You’re all alone in this. Can someone please rescue me?”

You have to give props to Tim Tebow for bringing light on this issue to the American people.

Our nation is willing to send tens of billions of dollars overseas, but then Congress will claim we don’t have the funding to help our own children being abused in a neighborhood near you.

Hopefully Tebow opened some eyes on this issue so it can be addressed.

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