UFC Star Sean Strickland continues his fight against the trans agenda

Jan 22, 2024

Everyone hates woke sports reporters pushing their agenda down everyone’s throats instead of asking about the competition.

These reporters often have long memories and love to bring up comments from years ago to “get” sports stars.

Well, UFC star Sean Strickland is not putting up with it and won’t back down as he puts this woke reporter in his place.

Sean Strickland has been a vocal critic of the trans community

In December of 2021, UFC star Sean Strickland responded to a social media user asking him if he would rather have a “gay son” or a daughter who has had many casual sexual experiences.

Strickland promptly responded, saying, “If I had a gay son, I would think I failed as a man to create such weakness…”

People were amazed by his brazen comment, and some wondered if he was trying to get kicked off Twitter.

The next year, it finally happened when he responded to fellow fighter Jake Shields, who was lamenting the fact that June was coming and Pride marketing was hitting America.

“It’s not even June and I’m already sick of pride month,” Jake Shields wrote adding “I don’t care if you are gay but you really Don’t need an entire month to celebrate…”

Strickland couldn’t help responding to the post and jumped right in.

“I’m actually a fan of Pride month… Trans people though I can’t…stand trans people…has to be some form of mental retardation…” he wrote.

Strickland explained that removing your male genitalia will “never” make you a woman.

“If you grow your hair out and cut your [penis] off. You will always be a nutless mentally ill man, bottom line,” he said.

Twitter promptly suspended the UFC fighter from the platform.

Strickland responds to LGBTQ “ally” trying to pick a fight over old comments

Nearly two years later, and the LGBTQ activists still won’t let him forget about the comments.

In a press conference ahead of a fight in Toronto, Canada, a reporter reminded of the comment about not being proud of having a gay son.

Before the reporter could even finish his question, Strickland jumped in.

“Let me ask you something, are you gay?” Strickland asked.

“I’m an ally of the community,” the reporter responded.

“If you had a son, and he was gay…you’d be like…you don’t want a grandkid?” he asked the reporter.

“I would have no problem with it,” the reporter responded.

The Strickland went into attack mode, calling him “weak” and suggesting he’s part of the “problem.”

The reporter tried to double down on looking to his past comments for something to argue about.

Strickland slams the reporter, calling him an “infection.”

“You said this past October, when [UFC] announced the Bud Light sponsorship, that you’d go so hard on Bud Light in your next fight that they’ll have to accept me or denounce me…and we’ll know what they stand for…” the reporter began.

Strickland again jumped right in, fearlessly attacking radical trans ideology.

“Ten years ago, to be trans was what, it was a mental…illness. And now, all of a sudden, people like you have…weaseled your way into the world,” he said.

Strickland went on to describe the reporter as an “infection.”

“You are the definition of weakness. Everything that is wrong with the world is because of…you,” he said.

But he put the reporter in check, saying that the world “is not buying” these radical ideologies.

“The world’s saying, ‘No, there are two genders. I don’t want my kids being taught about, you know, who they can f*** in school. I don’t want my kids being taught about their sexual preference,’” he said.

Strickland told everyone in the press conference that people like the reporter and what he represents are the “enemy.”

Though many people might not agree with his approach—the comments were welcome, and the video spread quickly on social media.

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