Vince Young learned the hard way what “Don’t Mess with Texas” really means

Apr 1, 2024

To compete in the NFL, you have to be one of the top athletes on the planet.

But that doesn’t count for much in a bar fight.

And Vince Young learned the hard way what “Don’t Mess with Texas” really means.

Vince Young just learned that a college football national championship and NFL career doesn’t mean much after retirement.

NFL retirees don’t have the best records of success

Being a professional athlete is the dream of many young kids out there.

They turn on the television and see obsessive news coverage over these stars of a child sport.

But being a professional athlete, and especially a star, isn’t what it’s cut out to be.

These guys make millions upon millions of dollars but many of them come from broken homes.

They never learned how to handle large sums of money.

So once the paychecks stop coming in, those millionaires often times end up going broke.

Then when you add on issues from playing like years of pain killers, brain shaking hits, and the star lifestyle, it’s not hard to see why so many of these former professional athletes hit rock bottom after retirement.

And this is especially true for former NFL stars.

We can all name a few big time NFL players who became best known for their failing lives after football.

Ask anyone under 40 what OJ Simpson is best known for and they will mention his criminal trial and activity.

OJ was one of the best running backs to ever put on the cleats, but he just couldn’t adjust to life after the NFL.

The list of former NFL players who once dominated the League but ended up in jail is excessively long.

But now there is a new and unexpected name that will be added as a failed NFL retiree.

Vince Young knocked out cold

Most people remember Vince Young as the dynamic and explosive quarterback in both college and the NFL.

Vince Young was a stud of a player at the University of Texas as he won a national championship in 2005 with the Longhorns in the legendary Rose Bowl matchup against the USC Trojans.

And Vince went on into the NFL to continue his dominance with the Tennessee Titans.

Ultimately his NFL career wasn’t as successful as his college career but he still raked in millions of dollars as a top tier NFL quarterback.

But ten years after Vince Young retired from the NFL, it is crystal clear that his ability to retire and live a quiet life isn’t going as planned.

And now the former stud quarterback is making headlines for being slugged and knocked out in a bar fight.

It all started when Vince got into a verbal altercation at a bar in Houston back in February.

The verbal threats turned into shoving with Vince trying to block some people from going after another person at the bar.

But the guy Vince was holding back was having none of it and knocked out the former quarterback cold with one slug to the face.

As you can see, Vince was out cold.

Police were ultimately called, and Vince Young woke up from his nap.

In the end, Vince was the only victim and no charges were pressed.

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