Voters were stunned after this Biden crony lost it on national television

Feb 15, 2024

These are tough times for Joe Biden and his campaign.

Not only are his approval ratings in the gutter, but Joe Biden also lags behind Donald Trump in most of the polls.

But voters were stunned after this Biden crony lost it on national television.

Joe Biden’s followers are growing increasingly angry as his reelection odds plummet

The last couple of weeks were nothing short of devastating for Joe Biden and his reelection campaign.

Polls show his approval ratings are as low as ever, and head-to-head polls against Donald Trump give the former President a slight edge.

Last week, Special Counsel Robert Hur announced that he would not pursue charges against Joe Biden regarding his mishandling of classified documents.

However, he pointed out Joe Biden’s failing mental health, specifically claiming that he is “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

These bombshell findings did not sit well with Joe Biden and his cronies, who desperately try to flip this narrative as November approaches.

Last Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, Biden adviser Mitch Landrieu joined host Kristen Welker with the aim of defending Joe Biden and his reputation.

Welker asked Landrieu to reflect on the recent report highlighting Joe Biden’s failing memory.

“I have met with him personally, with two people, five people, 10 people, I have been on trips with him crisscrossing the country rebuilding America based on this incredible infrastructure bill that was passed, and I’m telling you this guy is tough,” Landrieu said.

“He’s smart. He’s on his game, and as Secretary Mayorkas said a minute ago, when you go in to brief the President, you better have your big boy pants on, and this sense that he’s not ready for this job is a bucket of BS so deep your boots would get stuck in it.”

When Welker pointed back to Hur’s findings, Landrieu burst into a fit of rage.

“Well, wait, Kristen, wait,” he said. “No, no, no, no, you can’t. No, no, no, I’m not going to accept that premise. In an investigation, a Special Counsel determined, based on the facts and the law, about whether somebody engaged in criminal wrongdoing.”

Joe Biden’s failing health puts the lives of Americans at risk

Not only does Joe Biden’s failing health put his political future at risk, but it also puts the lives of millions of Americans at risk every day that he continues to serve.

As Special Counsel Hur pointed out in his report, Joe Biden has severe memory issues, which undoubtedly affect his ability to serve as President of the United States.

At the press conference where he was asked to address these concerns, Joe Biden confused Egypt with Mexico, proving that he is not fit to serve.

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