Wall Street is in a panic because no one has seen this happen since the Great Depression

Feb 13, 2024

Team Biden and the mainstream media want everyone to believe the economy has never been in such great shape.

But people can look at their own checkbook and know something is wrong.

Now, the people on Wall Street are digging into numbers, and this one has not appeared since the Great Depression.

Our Economy is a House of Cards

As Democrat strategist James Carville famously said back in 1992, “It’s the economy stupid.”

And Carville is right.

One of the main issues voters care about is the economy and if they can put food on the table.

But his comments don’t mean you need a good economy to win an election for the party in power.

Carville really meant that people need to believe that the economy is doing good for the party in power to stay in power.

So, it’s no wonder why Democrats and the White House have been working serious overtime to convince the American people that everything is fine with our economy.

We keep seeing amazing economic indicators from the White House that everything is going great.

For instance, the job reports that are coming out show that the job market has never been better.

But people fail to realize that the White House’s incoming job reports are continuously being revised with worse numbers months after Democrats bolster them.

Whenever Biden’s talking heads get the chance, they hit the news circuit and take every possible chance they get to promote just how well the economy is doing.

Well, so far, at least, Wall Street has been eating up the data and fake news being put out by the White House in their attempt to find any positive news about the economy.

But it looks like Wall Street may finally be catching up to Main Street as one economic indicator is now dangerously blinking red.

Biggest warning sign since the Great Depression

There are a lot of indicators economists look at pertaining to our economy that can give them a hint on what is coming on the horizon as they know history repeats itself.

An economic measurement called “M2”, which is the cash flow available to consumers that combines that easy cash (cash on hand, debt accounts) and cash available for use with some hoops attached (saving accounts, market funds, CDs), is starting to blink red which spells horrible news for our economy.

Generally, economists could care less about the M2 measurement as it generally goes up.

But when M2 goes down, so does our economy.

And when M2 really goes down, our economy nearly collapses.

We are starting to see numbers on M2 that haven’t been seen before since the start of the Great Depression.

The M2 measurement has declined by 3.86 percent since the summer of 2022, which is the most significant dip since the beginning of the Great Depression.

And our nation’s M2 has been measured since the 1870s.

Every time M2 decreases by at least two percent, it has been one of the first indicators that we are heading into a bad deflationary depression: 1878, 1893, 1921, and 1931-1933.

So if this trend continues in M2, don’t be shocked if Wall Street starts to panic and catches up to the realization by many Americans that our economy is heading into really dangerous territory.

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