Wendy’s launched a new combo meal after fans were upset with this awful situation

May 24, 2024

Wendy’s is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the country.

But fans of the chain are getting restless.

And Wendy’s launched a new combo meal after fans were upset with this awful situation.

Wendy’s launches inflation-buster combo meal

Fast food has seen some of the most dramatic price increases in the country after President Joe Biden created the worst inflation in four decades.

It used to be one of the most wallet-friendly options to get a bite to eat, but the days of the dollar menu are long gone.

A FinanceBuzz study found that prices at McDonald’s have increased by 100% since 2014.

Popeyes, Taco Bell, and Chipotle have all increased their prices by more than 75% in the same time span according to the study.

The high price of fast food has seen more consumers turn to eating at home.

Now Wendy’s has a new promotion aimed at inflation-weary customers.

The fast-food chain rolled out a breakfast combo meal where customers can choose a Bacon, Egg & Cheese English Muffin or a Sausage, Egg & Cheese English Muffin with a small order of seasoned breakfast potatoes for a limited time.

Wendy’s has been suffering this year with its stock falling by 20% on declining sales.

The fast-food chain told investors that profits were down from “adverse economic conditions or disruptions” and “changes in discretionary consumer spending and consumer tastes and preferences.”

Wendy’s new deal comes after McDonald’s announced that they were going to offer a new value combo.

McDonald’s debuting a new $5 combo meal to regain the lead in value

McDonald’s was pummeled by users on social media when a menu from a Connecticut rest area went viral on social media that had a $18 Big Mac combo meal and a $7 Egg McMuffin.

Once known for their value, the chain has lost customers to its price increases. 

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski said during a first-quarter earnings call that the chain needed to focus on affordability.

“Consumers continue to be even more discriminating with every dollar that they spend as they face elevated prices in their day-to-day spending, which is putting pressure on the industry,” Kempczinski said. “[I]t’s imperative that we continue to keep affordability at the forefront for our customers.”

“Eating at home has become more affordable,” Kempczinski stated. “The battleground is certainly with that low-income consumer.”

That’s why McDonald’s is going to run a new $5 combo meal promotion beginning on June 25 that will last about a month to get customers in the door.

Fans can choose from a McDouble or McChicken sandwich, a small French fry, a drink, and four-piece McNuggets.

McDonald’s rising prices have opened the chain up to competition from casual dining restaurants.

Chili’s and Applebee’s launched hamburger combo promotions ranging from $10 to $13 aimed at competing with fast food restaurants.

The cost of living crisis under Joe Biden is changing Americans’ eating habits and fast food restaurants are scrambling to adapt.

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