Yellowstone’s creator just revealed an anti-woke entertainment feast for 2024

Dec 29, 2023

Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone may or may not continue, but fans can take heart that new shows are coming out in 2024.

Yellowstone built up a huge fan base with its anti-woke messaging and great drama.

Now Sheridan has released his full slate of 2024 programming, and it should keep lovers of Yellowstone Ranch entertained all year long.

The conclusion of the Yellowstone saga?

Yellowstone is one of the biggest sensations to hit television since the cord-cutting phenomenon began.

And it has no rivals on basic cable.

Backstage politicking has put the show’s longevity in the future.

Kevin Costner appears to be hanging up John Dutton’s cowboy boots, and Cole Hauser may be following him off the Yellowstone Ranch.

Season five wasn’t allowed to finish this year, but fans of “red state Game of Thrones,” as it’s been described.

But devotees to the show are anticipating the second half of the most recent season, set to air in late 2024.

And that’s just the beginning for show creator Taylor Sheridan – who has now released his full 2024 schedule.

The Yellowstone cinematic universe

Yellowstone is far from Sheridan’s only program.

The hit show has spawned several Sheridan-created spin-offs, both prequels and sequels.

Along with the conclusion to ,Yellowstone season five, some of those spin-offs comprise the centerpiece of Sheridan’s year of content.

Fittingly, a new spin-off titled, 2024 will premiere in 2024.

Matthew McConaughey will be the star, and several characters from the original will potentially join the cast as well.

Fans of Yellowstone’s Jimmy can continue following his story next year with the premiere of 6666.

While it’s not official, rumors are swirling that prequel 1923’s second season will also air next year.

And, also yet to be official, speculation is running wild that a new prequel, 1944, could see a debut date within the calendar year.

Life outside of Yellowstone

But Sheridan isn’t limited to the Yellowstone cinematic universe.

Paramount+ is almost entirely constructed of Sheridan hits.

Unfortunately, thanks to a tragic snow plow accident, season three of the Jeremy Renner-led, Mayor of Kingstown will have to wait.

But season two of Sylvester Stallone’s Tulsa King will launch next year.

2024 will also see the premier of Land Man – a new project starring Billy Bob Thorton and focusing on the oil and gas industry in West Texas.

Also confirmed, it’s the DEA vs. the CIA in Sheridan’s new show, Fast, will debut next year.

The plot of the show has been described on IMDB as “a former U.S. special forces officer is recruited by the government’s Drug Enforcement Agency to lead a takedown of drug dealers who are protected by the CIA.”

If that wasn’t enough, there could be even more Sheridan shows coming to your television screens in 2024.

There’s a chance new seasons of both Special Ops: Lioness and Lawmen: Bass Reeves, could see the light of day before the calendar turns to 2025.

With so many hits on his resume and so many projects still on the books, Sheridan is one of the only executives left in Hollywood with a finger on the pulse of what American viewers want to watch.

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