You can tell no one is buying Bidenmobiles because this major manufacturer just cut production

Jan 22, 2024

There was a great deal of excitement about EVs when they first came out – no more gas bills, no more oil changes!

The “big three” automakers have been trying hard to convince people to start buying electric vehicles instead of traditional gas-powered ones because of convenience and environmental reasons.

But as consumer demand collapses, even Biden can’t make the manufacturers build something people won’t buy.

Ford cuts production of F-150 Lightning

Ford Motors is the second-largest automaker in the nation, and it was one of the first major auto manufacturers to start making electric vehicles for the masses.

But now, the automaker says it’s reducing production of the F-150 Lightning pickup truck.

The F-150 Lighting is an all-electric truck, but demand for the new vehicle has been minimal, to say the least.

The company will cut production at its Michigan Rouge Electric Vehicle Center to just one shift starting April 1.

In October 2023, Ford said it would temporarily cut one of three shifts at the same plant, which builds the F-150 Lightning EV pickup truck.

The new production slowdown is the latest indicator that demand for EV trucks is coming to a screeching halt.

Not only is Ford slowing down its EV production, but General Motors is, too.

GM postponed the opening of a massive $4 billion electric truck manufacturing plant for one year, which was set to begin operating in Michigan.

As for Ford, the company told suppliers in December that it was planning to produce approximately 1,600 F-150 Lighting EV trucks per week starting in January.

That number is around half of the initially planned production rate of 3,200 trucks per week.

The lower production rate comes at the same time Detroit automakers are claiming the Biden administration is going much too far, too fast with its proposal to use emissions rules that would mandate 67% of all new vehicles being EVs by 2032.

The move by Ford will impact 1,400 workers at the plant, and around 700 of those workers will transfer to its Michigan Assembly Plant.

Other workers will be placed in different roles at the Rouge Complex or in other facilities in Michigan, or they may choose to accept a special early retirement plan.

Growth is much lower than expected

Ford did say that it expects to see continued growth in global EV sales this year, although the company conceded that the growth will likely be “less than anticipated.”

A few dozen employees could also be impacted by the slowdown at some parts plants that support F-150 Lighting production.

Ford has lost nearly $36,000 on every EV it has delivered to dealerships in the third quarter, according to a company statement in October.

It had already announced that it would slow down the ramp-up of producing EVs and shift its focus to Ford’s commercial vehicle unit as well as gas-electric hybrids over the next five years.

Many legacy car manufacturers have been focusing on making hybrids over the last year or so, as consumers have purchased more hybrids than all-electric vehicles.

Ford says it plans to add a third shift that will create close to 900 jobs at its Michigan assembly plant to ramp up production of Ranger pickups and Bronco SUVs.

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