A hockey game broke out after this major brawl two seconds into the game

Apr 9, 2024

Masculinity is being snuffed out of everything in our increasingly feminized culture.

The NFL has been taken over by the Swifties, the NBA has players flopping on the ground because of the lightest tap.

But when the fists started flying two-seconds into this Devils/Rangers game, many realized hockey is America’s best sport to be a guy.

Society is losing its masculinity

If you can define the changes we are seeing in society by one word, it would be “feminizing.”

Literally everything in our society is being feminized.

Don’t believe it, just look at what is going on in our institutions.

The military, the once great institution built on testosterone, is now lowering enlistment fitness standards because being fit is too hard.

And let’s not forget the drag queen shows being performed for military members.

But if you really want proof, just look at the major sports leagues in the United States.

Football keeps increasing the penalties on players for actually playing tackle football.

And the NFL is just one rule change away from being an all-inclusive flag football league.

In basketball, players in both the NBA and in college aren’t going to the paint like they used too.

They would rather shoot 33 percent at the three-point line without the threat of getting body checked to the ground instead of going driving to the basket for the easy shot.

Even baseball, the institution cemented in tradition and history, is getting its feminist side going lately as MLB ballparks are providing more fancy gourmet entrees instead of the traditional cheap ballpark hotdog.

But thankfully men have one last refuge that still lets man’s masculine instincts run free through hockey.

Dudes can thank God for hockey

Everything about hockey is masculine.

For one, you are literally flying around the ice on blades that could kill you if used as a weapon.

Second off, the game is completely action packed.

There are no dull moments in hockey as you are always a split second away from a goal.

But most importantly, hockey is the last real man’s sport left in America as the League allows players to duke it out.

And late last week, the fists were flying on the ice in one of the biggest fights in the history of the NHL.

The New Jersey Devils versus New York Rangers match started with an all-out five on five brawl.

Literally the starting lineup for both the Devils and the Rangers let the fists fly in some of the best fighting you will see all year.

Even the two coaches for the teams were going at it yelling at each other furiously with spit flying.

The best part about the situation was that the referees just let the fighting continue until the players tired themselves out.

In total the 10-player brawl ended with over 160 penalty minutes being assessed for fighting.

This is what every sports league needs.

There is nothing wrong with letting the fists fly every once in a while.

Maybe a fight or two in the NFL could turn the NFL around from becoming a flag football league.

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