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Poll: Do you stand with Justice Clarence Thomas?

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MLB pushes a new look that leaves nothing to the imagination

It is almost time for MLB to take the field, but these new uniforms have many players calling time out. Now it looks like the League is facing its biggest controversy before the official season even starts.  And MLB players are furious after new uniforms may expose something you never want to see. Baseball is […]


The media is covering up the biggest threat to the safety of visitors to the White House

The Secret Service doesn’t just take security seriously, they take it to the highest level possible.  But the Biden White House has a unique security problem that has them stumped.  It turns out that Joe Biden is the person who has brought in the biggest security threat to the staff and visitors to the White […]


Nigel Farage has world elites panicking once again when he talks about Donald Trump

The world is watching the US Presidential election.  And Englishman Nigel Farage seems to know just how important this election is better than most.  Now Nigel Farage has world elites panicking when he talks about Donald Trump.  Trump shocked the system once Our federal elections have been breaking the rules ever since the 2016 election.  […]


Hilary Swank tells a true story that will challenge you to find real purpose in your life

Most of woke Hollywood seems hell-bent on pushing their utopian vision on you.  But every now and then a movie comes out that inspires the audience to reach higher and after the last few years, America needs more inspiration. Now Hilary Swank is back in theaters with Ordinary Angels, a true story that could inspire […]


These gun-grabbing Democrats just made an outrageous demand of this major sporting goods store

Anti-gun zealots will stop at nothing to keep Americans from exercising their Second Amendment rights.  But the courts keep slapping down their unconstitutional laws.  So now these gun-grabbing Democrats have a new target, and they are focusing their attacks on this major sporting goods chain.  Democrats love themselves some gun control The Democrats just can’t […]


Charles Barkley pointed out the obvious about San Francisco and the Left went nuts

Sports media is completely sold out to the woke leftist agenda. But every now and then one of them drops a truth bomb that grabs everyone’s attention. And Charles Barkley just pointed out some obvious problems with San Francisco and his ESPN co-hosts just about lost their cookies. NBA legend and ESPN broadcaster Charles Barkley […]