Nature arranges the ultimate fight: Karens vs Cougar

Mar 25, 2024

Nature has a strange sense of humor sometimes. And sometimes nature can be flat out terrifying.

But no one ever could have imagined this life-threatening situation when a cougar jumped a group of Karens in Washington state.

A group of Karens on a bike ride found out that a real-life cougar in nature can put up a tremendous fight.

Not everyone is made for the wild

While many enjoy a bike ride in the country, every now and then, things go incredibly wrong.

Some people are ready to face the challenge and others should just stay home.

There are many people out there who are made to go face to face with mother nature.

Either through hunting, fishing, or just enjoying being in nature, some people have a distinct ability to thrive outside.

But that’s not the case for everyone and especially in today’s day and age.

Back in the day, if you couldn’t hunt and put food on the table, you and your family would be dead.

But with the increasing reliance of technology and comfortability of your average couch, more and more people can’t survive a day in the wilderness.

Some people have taken up outdoor hobbies like cycling to make them feel more connected with nature.

Odds are there is a nature bike trail near your town.

And the people cycling as a weekend hobby generally aren’t the people who could handle their own if they came face to face with mother nature.

But that’s not the case for this group of women who burn up the cycling trails of Washington State.

What was supposed to be a relaxing bike ride earlier this month in the wilderness of Washington turned into a living nightmare.

Cougar vs a group of cougars

While the group was cycling, one woman noticed a cougar pop out of nowhere as it leaped onto her and knocked her off the bike.

Both the sixty-year-old woman and the cougar fell into a ditch as the cougar was munching on her head.

The woman claimed that she could feel her “teeth were coming loose” and her “bones crushing.”

But thankfully for the woman, her riding crew was ready for a fight to the death with the wild beast.

One woman had a knife and started to stab the cougar.

Another woman grabbed the cougar and tried to choke it.

But as she described the chaotic scene, “[t]hat was like choking a rock. It did absolutely nothing.”

And like anyone thinking on their feet would do, since the woman didn’t have enough strength to choke the big cat she then decided to use her abilities to pry the mouth open of the cougar.

The cougar then saw the opportunity to grab two women for a late day snack and tried to fit the other woman’s arm in its mouth.

As nothing seemed to work, the women realized that a rock might do the trick so they decided to take some whacks at the cougar’s head with a 25 pound boulder.

Finally, after the valiant effort by the woman to fight off the cougar, the big cat gave up 15 minutes after the attack started and let the women go on their way.

Now that’s a cycling trip these women will never forget.

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