Reba McEntire shocked fans when she announced this career change

May 13, 2024

Reba McEntire is the queen of country music after a chart-topping career.

She’s found success singing, acting, and starring in The Voice

But Reba McEntire shocked fans when she announced this career change.

Reba McEntire returning to television in a new sitcom

Country music icon Reba McEntire has spent more than four decades as one of the best female singers in the genre.

The multi-talented artist has also found success on television later in her career.

McEntire is currently starring on NBC’s The Voice as a coach after replacing fellow country music star Blake Shelton.

She shared with Entertainment Tonight that she finished the pilot for her new sitcom for NBC.

“It’s brand new,” McEntire said. “We’ve done the pilot – it’s called Happy’s Place – and fingers crossed they take us to series.”

Just days after the interview, NBC gave the show the green light for its schedule.

“We have been working on trying to get another show since we were canceled on the Reba show,” McEntire stated. “We got to do Malibu Country for one season. We’ve got the same producers, same showrunner, same writers and now we’re back with Melissa Peterman and Rex Linn, my boyfriend, and wonderful, wonderful cast and crew.”

Reba ran for six seasons on the WB and the CW before it was canceled to the disappointment of fans.

Actress Melissa Peterman starred in Reba as the rival of McEntire’s character, the younger wife of her ex-husband. 

“We had such a good time doing the pilot,” McEntire said. “We can’t wait to go back.”

In Happy’s Place, McEntire stars as Bobbie who takes over her dad’s restaurant after his death.

Bobbie discovers that she’ll be running the restaurant with her half-sister whom she never knew, Isabella, played by actress Belissa Escobedo.

Linn, her real-life boyfriend, and Peterman will play employees at the restaurant.

Reba plans to sing her theme song for her new sitcom

McEntire used her hit “I’m a Survivor” as the theme song for Reba and she’ll do the theme song for her new sitcom.

“Oh, definitely. I’ll be singing the theme song. We’ve started working on it, and we’ll have it soon finished,” McEntire told People shortly before NBC picked up Happy’s Place. “If they say it’s a go, I’ll finish it up and have it ready for when we go to series.”

Actress happy to be reuniting with Reba again in new sitcom

Reba co-star Melissa Peterman told Entertainment Tonight that she was thrilled to be working with McEntire again.

During their first sitcom together, the pair became close friends after working together for six seasons.

“She’s like coming home,” Peterman said about McEntire. “I think that in this business, we have a lot of ‘Hollywood friends’ — friends that you share just the good stuff with. I think I knew that when we started sharing real-life stuff, that it was forever. I know she’s got my back whether we ever work together again. She is on my side always, and she knows I’m on hers.”

Reba McEntire will try to recreate the magic that made her first sitcom a success.

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