Should Joe Biden Be Impeached? Poll Results

Poll: Should Joe Biden Be Impeached?

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Small businesses are in Joe Biden’s crosshairs again

The Biden Administration has been unrelenting in their fight to destroy small businesses in the US. Even a top GOP Congressman has started to sound the alarm about Biden’s latest attack. That’s because small businesses are in Joe Biden’s crosshairs again. In a scathing letter, House Committee on Small Business Chair Roger Williams (R-TX) and […]


Women’s college basketball just had a ratings spike for all the wrong reasons

Despite years of guilt, shaming, and pleading, women’s basketball has never been able to attract a huge following. The liberal media has been fuming that empty stadiums and low ratings means that men’s basketball has to subsidize the women’s game. Now, this one event turned into a ratings bonanza, but it was for all the […]


Putin’s pick for the President of the US should not be a surprise

Russian President Putin made his much-anticipated choice for US President known. Putin declared that a Joe Biden presidency would be more favorable for Russia than a Donald Trump administration, sending shockwaves through the political landscape. While the liberal media is working overtime to bury this story, will news of Putin’s support for Biden hurt his […]


Vivek Ramaswamy was just seen at Mar-a-Lago, and the speculation is starting

Officially, Trump is not yet the GOP nominee; no one believes the outcome is in doubt. All but one of Trump’s opponents have thrown in the towel and given their support to Trump, so now people are speculating about who Trump will make his nominee for Vice President. So when Vivek Ramaswamy was just seen […]


Explosive recording released by Kari Lake just effectively ended this politician’s career

Politics can be a cutthroat business, and too often, it is corrupted by big money. But it is great when there are some outsiders who can’t be bought. Kari Lake decided to fight back and released proof that this establishment hack tried to buy her off. Mysterious political powers “back east” exposed in bombshell recording […]


The woke mob was furious after many Americans refused to participate in this new radical tradition

Last Sunday, Super Bowl watchers worldwide were treated to a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle when the Kansas City Chiefs pulled off an overtime victory. But social justice warriors did everything possible to ruin it. And the woke mob was furious after many Americans refused to participate in this new radical tradition. This radical show of racial division […]